4 Simple But Valuable Life Lessons from Farming

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Living on the farm can be rewarding, but can also be challenging at times. More than just learning how to plant and harvest, farming gives plenty of realizations in life. These realizations keep people sober and grounded and empower them in life to be better versions of themselves as time goes by.

4 Simple Life Lessons from Farming

1. Stewardship and Priorities.

Operating different types of farm machinery and maintaining them are never easy tasks. While there are a lot of manufacturers that produce durable farm equipment, proper care is still needed to ensure its longevity. Caring for farm equipment is crucial as it contributes to a farm’s production. If the machinery is not well taken care of, it deteriorates and gets broken which affects the work that takes place on the farm.

Knowing the importance and value of things make decision-making easier. We put more value on those things important to us. In life, we also need to value and care for the lot and portion given to us. It is our job to make sure we take care of not just material possessions, but also the relationships and opportunities that come our way. It is this type of stewardship that will make our lives more meaningful.

2. Responsibility and Commitment.

Living on the farm means you are entrusted with certain responsibilities other than your share of household chores. Whether it is fixing the fence, scooping up manure, or feeding the livestock, farm life teaches one not to shirk from responsibilities and challenges and not be afraid to get their hands dirty.

It teaches us the value of commitment, to never leave things undone, no matter how big or small the task is. Similar to planting a seed and doing everything to make it grow and bear fruit, we should also give our 100% best in all we do to ensure greater productivity and fruitfulness. You reap what you sow.

3. Contentment and Gratitude.

Living on the farm cuts you off from a lot of options. You learn to make do with what you have on hand. It takes you away from all the other distractions which allow you to zoom in to the simpler yet finer things in life.

To a farmer, as long as they have a roof over their head, clothes to wear, and food on the table for their family, they have done their job. They have no need for anything else other than the bare necessities of life. As long as their family enjoys life, no matter how simple it may be, that is more than enough.

A thankful heart is a content heart and vice versa.

4. Patience and Perseverance.


Farming teaches you the value of hard work and patience. Success does not come easy. A seed takes time to grow and bear fruit before it is harvested for food to eat. It goes through seasons of being carefully and diligently tended to. For a seed to grow, a farmer has to water it, keep the weeds and pests out, and fertilize it regularly until it is ready for harvest. They have to toil and labor patiently to yield a harvest.

In life, we also must diligently do what we have to do if we want to succeed. We have to remain patient and keep in mind that the seed we planted will eventually bear fruit that we can enjoy at the proper time.

There are a lot more valuable life lessons that farming has to offer. Hopefully, these lessons can help us deal with our daily lives and give us the humility and character we need to conduct ourselves in all of our affairs.

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