A Day in the Life of Solar Contractors

Solar contractors very often come from a very diverse background as it is such a new field to get into. There are very limited fields of study into contracting for solar panels either for residential or commercial purposes, so really anyone with interest can get a career in this field.

The speaker in the video by Bloomberg Quicktake discusses his career as a foreman and his day to day on the job site.

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He oversees his crew of laborers who measure to ensure proper fit and install to very minute specifications. Not only does the crew install the solar panels, but they also have to run new power lines directly to the home so the homeowner can take advantage of their new energy source.

This new energy source is either used within the home itself, or it’s fed back to the energy grid as excess. This excess is actually paid for by the electrical company, so if you’re using less energy than you’re generating, you can actually get paid for it.

The solar contractors then discuss the future of solar panels on new and existing homes, and expresses his excitement for the innovations to come. He says it’s a great time to both get involved in the field and install solar panels alike.

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