A Guide to Pools That Impress

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Pools have come a long way from being just rectangular pits filled with water and a pump. Now, there are different designs and types to match any house’s or hotel’s style and aspirations.

Whatever type of pool you go with, bear in mind that pool maintenance is an ongoing measure that has to be taken to keep your pool clean, hygienic, and pleasant to use. Raking and covering are easily done, but it’s also a good idea to install a reverse osmosis system into your pool. This will keep your pool free from calcium hardness, acid, viruses, and diseases.

Let’s have a look at two stunning pool options that though are not in the cheaper bracket of pool designs, will add significantly to the appeal of a property. Infinity pools, no matter how many times you’ve seen them, always make you take a second look. And after you get over the otherworldliness, it’s still just great to stare at. The other pool is an indoor pool, which grants you your own private spa.

floater in the pool

Infinity Pools

This type of design is very popular nowadays. It’s a pool where one or more sides face an open drop and the edge does not contain a barrier to prevent water from flowing over. When seen from the pool or deck, the water in the pool seems suspended and contained as if by gravity-defying magic. What’s really happening is that the pool does run off but is caught a by a lower edge which cannot be seen by anyone at pool level. This overflow is then pumped back into the main pool.

For an infinity pool to work best, you’ll need the pool to be placed on elevated ground where there is a drop, such as the edge of a hill or cliff. A building balcony works just fine, too. The higher the drop and the wider the view, the more wondrous the effect of the infinity pool. If you have a view of the sea, you can create the illusion of the pool merging with the sea; it’s a truly stunning effect.

You’ll see them in many new hotels and even residential owners are considering them for their homes. They are at the more expensive end of the pool spectrum, but they provide a sense of wonder and luxury that’s hard to match.

Indoor Pools

Indoor pools add just as much a sense of luxury if not quite the same sense of wonder. They’re surrounded by at least three walls, or if the room is curved, have only one opening to the outside. Otherwise, they are completely enclosed.

Having an indoor pool is already a pretty strong status sign. So, there’s no need to be modest about the decor. Of course, if simple is your preference, you can tone down the design features but given that this is a special room in the house, it would be a shame to not make it stand out.

Try creating your own version of a Roman bath or go with a more modern design; there’s no shortage of indoor pool designs out there.

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