The Best Home Innovations for You Today

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The number of technologies, inventions, and innovations are rapidly increasing in the market by the day. It is difficult to keep up with them all, but daily necessities are what we must note.

Nothing beats investing in a safe and comfortable home. This is doable by supplying it with all amenities, devices, appliances, and items that make home living safe and convenient.

Here are some home essentials and innovations that you should make sure to tick off your list when you do a house inventory or while planning out your home design.

Smart Appliances

By definition, smart appliances are devices that can be controlled with the convenience of phones or tablets. These allow people to multitask at home without leaving their devices unattended since they can be automatically adjusted and switched off from a distance. 

Nowadays, there are smart refrigerators, air-conditioning appliances, cookers, toasters, ovens, and blenders. Televisions, computers, and audio devices are accessible through phones and tablets too.

As of 2019, more than 114 million American households have permanent access to the internet. It is smart to maximize the benefits we reap from it. Over the decade, an emergence of appliances that has access to the internet was seen. Through the years, more smart appliances are adding WiFi-enabled features as well. 

Energy-saving Commodities

A good example of this is solar energy with the use of solar panels. It might be a high investment, but its pros lie in being eco-friendly, sustainable, and energy-efficient. There is now the option of solar-activated house exteriors designed to regulate home temperatures and supply the household with solar energy.

Many varieties of solar technology are also available in the market to suit different levels of energy consumption. 

Green appliances are also available nowadays wherein their specs and performance are on par with other brands, but they consume less electricity. Anything that uses light-emitting diodes (LED) is surely consuming less electricity as well. 

Home Safety and Security Devices


A home should always offer a sense of security. Through time, safety measures taken at residential buildings have evolved from simple door locks to smart locks.

Technology now offers security through door locks that are only unlocked through using either biometrics or passwords. Installing closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras or monitoring devices at home doubles security to easily identify possible trespassers and package thieves.

Many home security systems that come in packages that already come with alarms, smart locks, and other features are also available. Having your own makes a big difference. 

A novel innovation that makes homes safer is through the use of microbicidal paint. Microbicidal paints can kill germs and lessen diseases at home since they are infused with the same compounds found in cleaning materials. 

Plumbing Technologies

Even plumbers take advantage and use developing technology in their line of work to make it more time and cost-efficient. Some examples of plumbing innovations that became widespread over the decade are trenchless technologies, touchless plumbing, polyethylene piping, and improved water heating.

Trenchless technologies allow plumbers to only have to dig one hole and use cameras to create underground pathways for plumbing. This is helpful in areas that are teeming with sewer lines and flora.

Touchless faucets, bidets, and toilets for a household filled with adults and children are a good option to look into. These involve sensor technologies that detect motion to be automatically activated. It is a cost-efficient, energy-saving, and modern alternative to traditional plumbing fixtures easily broken with constant usage.

Plumbers have also shifted to using crosslinked polyethylene (PEX) piping, ditching copper pipes. Since it is made of plastic material, PEX piping is not prone to corrosion and is flexible enough to accommodate plumbing designs.

Innovative Furniture

A carefully planned floor design that incorporates furniture innovations is a game-changer for homes with limited space. This uses aspects of structural engineering and creativity to maximize space while still having all the necessary home furniture and appliances. This is done by properly placing shelves, secret compartments, double walls, and multipurpose and convertible furniture. 

Some examples of these are ottoman beds, stealth kitchens, folding tables, and folding libraries. This furniture is usually custom-made, but it is essential to add them to the initial design and construction process so that they fit in with the rest of the household. 

High-tech furniture is also considered a furniture innovation that can be an option for your home too. Considerable examples of these are touch-screen tabletops and workspaces, keyboard-integrated chairs, and charging furniture. 


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