5 Effective Tips for a Clean and Tidy Office


Keeping a work environment clean offers numerous benefits to both employees and customers.

The cleaner your workplace is, the more productive, focused, and creative your employees are likely to be. Similarly, clean facilities can leave a good first impression on customers.

Here are some cleaning tips that can help keep your office in pristine condition.

Perform year-round carpet cleaning

carpet cleaning

Regular carpet cleaning can extend the life of your office carpet. It prevents soiled spots from developing over time. Dust, dirt, allergens, and other debris can build up and get stuck within the fibers. This can cause the fibers to split and weaken. Routine maintenance removes any residue and bacteria from your carpet that could trigger excess wear and deterioration.

Clean carpets also contribute to healthier office environments. Dirty carpets are breeding grounds for mildew, mold, allergens, and other pollutants which can pollute indoor air. These pollutants can trigger various allergic reactions and respiratory diseases that can result in more sick days and impact overall productivity. Professional carpet cleaning enhances indoor air quality and protects your workforce from various health threats.

Disinfect all devices

Research shows that a computer or laptop keyboard is 20,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat.

Frequently touched electronics should be cleaned and disinfected appropriately. This includes both personal and shared devices such as smartphones, printers, computers, computer accessories, touchscreen devices, and copiers.

Medical experts recommend disinfecting your phone at least once a day as a preventative measure. Electronic products are made from diverse materials and each has specific cleaning requirements. It is best to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to prevent damage while disinfecting.

The following are general cleaning recommendations from Apple and Android device manufacturers:

  • Use a lint-free screen wipe or cloth made from microfibre.
  • Prevent excessive wiping and use of cleanser as these can damage your device.
  • Unplug all cables and external power sources before cleaning. Take out any removable batteries.
  • Do not use bleach, abrasive cleaners or aerosol sprays as these can ruin the device’s finish.
  • Ensure moisture does not enter any openings.
  • Do not spray cleaner directly on screens and devices.
  • Disinfectant wipes may be used on devices, but avoid those containing vinegar, bleach, or alcohol as these can damage the device’s protective screen coating.

Don’t neglect floor care

floor cleaner

Thorough cleaning is important to maintain your floor’s original texture and brightness. It also helps prevent early replacement and strengthen your floor’s slip resistance, increasing the safety of both your employees and customers.

The best way to keep linoleum and tile floors look good as new is to ensure they are vacuumed and moped daily. Worn-out floors should be waxed and stripped regularly to keep them shiny and in pristine condition.

Floor scrubbers are the ideal cleaning tool for smooth or textured tiled surfaces. They effectively eliminate dirt and stains between tiles, and any dirt that has pressed into textured surfaces. Similarly, tile and grout protectors are specially formulated to protect your floors from daily wear and tear. They make floors last longer and look visually appealing.

Keep common areas tidy

Shared spaces get dirty fast.  Ensure spots and spills on carpet and flooring are addressed quickly to reduce the chances of it developing into a stain. Determine the spot type and use the right cleaning agents and techniques.

Prevent the spread of germs on high-traffic areas by engraining cleanliness and tidiness into your company culture. Encourage employees to wash their hands regularly and discard their waste properly. Provide hand sanitizers, soaps, and hand hygiene signs in these shared spaces. Perform rigorous cleaning of shared areas via bleaching or cleansing with an anti-bacterial cleaner.

Declutter and archive files

Decluttering helps you become more organized and productive.  A clean office leads to fewer distractions since there are fewer items or unorganized paperwork to look at.

Arrange your cables and sort your supplies and belongings into appropriate containers. Digitize notes and documents either by scanning them or typing them out. Take photos of crucial documents and then discard or recycle the printed version. Apart from helping reduce clutter, digital archival also lets you search through your paperwork quickly and conveniently.

The cleanliness of the workplace is essential to creating a professional atmosphere for clients, partners, and employees. By following the right cleaning practices, you can make your office a safer and happier place to work.

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