Clever Ways to Level Up Your Home Security


Some people are planning to go on luxurious winter vacations while most are just thinking of getting cozy under their sheets for the whole holidays. Either way, leveling up home security systems won’t hurt.

Whether you plan to travel or just hibernate at home, improving your house’s security will give you the peace of mind that can complete the perfect holiday experience. And with that in mind, here are three perfect combinations of traditional and technologically advanced security systems that can bring your home security to another level:

  1. Smart gate locks and combination padlocks

Hiding spare keys can prove to be more dangerous than helpful. A couple of days of casing your house can give even amateur burglars an idea of where you secretly stash your spares. To solve this problem, avoid hiding spare keys and let go of key-dependent locks altogether.

You can always go online and check digital shops such as and Lock Caddy to look for both hi-tech and traditional alternatives that can offer full-proof security.

Smart locks offer auto-locking features, built-in microphones, and video cameras. And it doesn’t end there. Aside from having access to your front door everywhere you go at any given time, smart locks can also send you an alert once they detect someone trying to enter your home. They even have emergency sirens built inside to alert the neighborhood and scare intruders away.

Combination locks are perfect to pair with smart locks, especially on gates. If you’re concerned about people hacking your smart lock, a combination lock designed with less exposed shackles can make it impossible for intruders to break through. It won’t be easy to pick the lock and the thicker and less exposed shackle will be harder to cut. By the time an intruder gets past both locks, the authorities would already be there.

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  1. Motion detector lighting and dogs

Even though burglaries usually happen in broad daylight, taking extra precautions for the nights to come won’t hurt.

As proven time and time again, well-lit areas often have lower crime rates. Installing motion sensor spotlights across your yard can reduce chances of home invasion, especially if you’re in a tight-knit neighborhood. And keep in mind that installing these lights at least 12 feet high and far away from footholds will ensure that burglars won’t easily be able to tamper with them.

To make things even more exciting, you can try owning security dogs. Having pet dogs can significantly decrease the chances of break-ins, especially if you own big ones. And if you have more than one dog, having some outside and some inside the house will be ideal. In case the outdoor canine bouncer misses the intruder, a backup paw patrol would be there to deliver a big surprise.

  1. Security cameras and window lock reinforcements

Having a visual security system will always come in handy. First of all, it can scare burglars away. Once the brave ones still try to break in, you can get notified in real-time and catch them red-handed. And even if they somehow manage to escape, there will be more chances of their faces getting caught on camera. And that will make it easier for the authorities to look for the people responsible.

Pro-tip #1: Get your hands on a couple of spy cameras. You can place them in front of the most common burglary targets like your TV and computers. That way, even if home invaders avoid the obvious security cameras outside, you’d still get them with ease.

Pro-tip #2: Set up dummy security cameras. You can get some for as low as $10. These fake cameras can add more fear to someone planning to break into your home. And you can even strategically place them in ways that might confuse potential intruders.

And speaking of strategy, most home invaders don’t use the front and back doors and instead opt to get in through windows. That’s why reinforcing your window locks is vital in keeping your home.

Keyed locks can be used on both sliding and double-hung windows. But if you think that’s not enough, getting sash jammers installed can be helpful as well. Security window films can also help reinforce glass windows. So even if they break them, they would only be making noise that would alert you.  And to fully take your anxiety away, install battery-powered window alarms that can help startle and scare off invaders.

Your home’s security system is vital to your and your family’s safety. And with these three combinations, you will be physically safe and mentally at peace.

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