Employer’s Guide to Keeping the Office Safe for Employees

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Employees are the lifeblood of any business. A company won’t be able to achieve any goals without their workforce resources. So employees have to be the top priority. Business owners must do all they can to provide their workers with all they need for the benefit of their overall health and well-being.

An office space might seem like a safe place for employees. But there is a surprising number of unnoticed hazards in the office setting. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that more than 80,000 administrative workers suffer injuries on the job. This data shows that the office might not be as safe as you think.

To keep your employees healthy, happy, and safe, here are some safety tips.

Emergency protocol

Not every safety measure should be put in your hands. Your employees should also do their part in maintaining a safe office environment for everyone. To do that, they must be knowledgeable about emergency protocols and procedures. They should know what to do in case of a fire, earthquake, or natural calamity.

Conduct periodical training and seminars to train your employees on how to respond in case of any emergency. This way, you’re training everyone to watch over themselves and reducing injuries in the office. So in case of an emergency, your office will not drown in chaos. Instead, everyone can handle the situation in an orderly fashion.


Because of the daily hustle and bustle in the office, it’s easy to neglect things that need repairing. It’s common to see some broken desks and chairs, loose tiles, torn carpets, and defective equipment in the office setting. Chances are, no one would even notice — until someone gets hurt.

Even the smallest things that need repairing can cause serious injuries. Falls, trips, and slips are the most common sources of injury in the office setting. Conduct inspections monthly — or better yet, do it weekly. Look at every corner of the office and spot anything that needs to be repaired, no matter how minor it is. Consult with your commercial building service provider in Fort Wayne and have these things repaired at once.


Corporate Office

Many employers are unfamiliar with this term. Ergonomics is the study of people and their working conditions. Its function is to lay down the ideal standards in an office setting to increase productivity and improve employee well-being.

Employees spend long hours a day sitting on a desk in front of their computers, and this activity can cause strains and other injuries related to posture and movement. Many suffer persisting pain and develop serious injuries because of their working conditions.

Simple things like the distance between the employee and the computer screen, or the height of his chair and desk all pertain to ergonomics. As an employer, you have to study the science behind it and provide a working environment that considers these factors. And employees have to play their part by adjusting their equipment to their needs and making sure they’re working comfortably.

Reduce clutter

Reducing clutter is not only about keeping the office clean. It goes into safety as well. An office environment usually is fast-paced. Everyone’s struggling to meet deadlines or running to their bosses’ cubicles to report an urgent situation. It then becomes easy to trip on a box scattered on the ground or stumble on piles of documents stacked in a corner. Reducing the clutter in the office space will significantly reduce the risk of accidents.

Many office hazards are difficult to detect. But employers have to wear the hat of a protector and make sure the office space is a safe environment for all the employees.

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