Exterior Upgrades That You Won’t Regret

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Your house exterior is the most visible part of your home. People will see it every day and newcomers will base their impressions on how it looks. So improving the exterior with various upgrades can be worth the effort. But not all changes can be worth the money. Here are some of the ones with the most impact that you can choose.

Do Some Landscaping

If your front or backyard is a flat and empty space, then you are wasting a part of your home. You need to liven things up a bit with some creative landscaping. It doesn’t need to be complex. A simple bed of flowers or a concrete walkway can go a long way towards making your yard look much better. You can also get fancy and have a full garden installed. You will love seeing the yard and everything in it.

Expand with a Deck or a Porch

There is nothing like a relaxing place for you to sit back and enjoy a nap or an interesting book. While you can do this inside, you can also enjoy the outdoors if you do it on your porch or deck. You will have to make some important decisions though. A front porch is very different from a back deck, with the latter being spread out more. You might also decide to combine the two by having a deck built on top of your porch. This will require an underdeck contractor so that water doesn’t leak from the upper deck. Both of them are very appealing to potential home buyers, so they are good choices if you are planning to sell in the future.

Change Your Roof

Your roof is the most visible part of your home. This is thanks to its position allowing everyone to see it. If your roof uses traditional asphalt shingles, then you might want to change it out for something fancier. This can be a pretty expensive change though. You can stick with asphalt shingles but find ones with a different color or texture. A more impressive change would be to get different materials. Terracotta shingles look good while slate can provide you with a more durable roof. You can even avoid shingles completely and use metal sheets. Talk with your roofer to learn about potential options.

building a deckHave a Barbecue

Another practical addition to your house exterior would be an outdoor kitchen. This can be a great move for those who like having barbecues and big parties. An extra kitchen can be very useful for these occasions while an outdoor kitchen is perfect for summer meat grilling. It doesn’t even have to be very complex. You mainly add an outdoor kitchen for grilling so a simple grill, a few stainless steel drawers for kitchen tools, and a sink can be enough. If you want to get fancy, you can have mini-fridge and even a marble counter top for preparation.

Enjoy the Outdoors

Though many homeowners focus on interior improvements, these great additions to your home’s exterior have their advantages. With the right budget, you can enjoy one or more of these upgrades. If you do them right, they will be more than able to pay for themselves in the long run.

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