Furnace Maintenance: How You Can Keep It Working Well

Technician checking the furnace

Heating systems are one of the easiest home systems to maintain. However, you should never take them for granted. Proper maintenance is vital to ensure that your gas furnace is always running to keep your home comfortable and cozy, especially during cold months. It will also help you save on costly repairs in the future. Call in an expert if you are certain that your furnace needs a heating repair in Riverton. Below are some ways you can keep your furnace in great condition.

Turn off the furnace access to gas and electricity

You must ensure your safety above anything else. Thus, the first step that you need to take is to turn off the power switch to close the breaker. Then, turn the valve around, perpendicular to the gas line, to shut off the access to gas.

Vacuum the interior

Once you have completely shut off the access to both electric and gas supply, it is time to start vacuuming the interior of your furnace. Get all the crevices free of any specks of dust or debris trapped inside. You should also use a vacuum cleaner that has a long snorkel attachment to clean the furnace and gas burners. Note that dirt can cause your furnace to waste fuel, which, in turn, will result in lower efficiency. Make sure to clean the filter system, blower, and motor.

Lubricate the motor

One way to keep the motor of your furnace running cool is to ensure that it is clean. Most manufacturers produce lubricated motors these days, but there are a few that requires further attention. You must lubricate motors that have oil ports every year. You can apply at least two or three drops of 10-weight non-detergent furnace motor oil to both ports. Make sure not to put too much lubricant, or it might cause unnecessary damage.

Check the furnace filter and furnace belt

Handyman inspecting the furnace filterYou need to check both the furnace filter and furnace belt for any damage, especially before the heating season arrives. Inspect them at least once a month if you use your furnace continuously for a long time. See if any of the filter’s parts show signs of wear and tear or if there is a blockage. If there is, then replacement is the only option.

Meanwhile, for the fan belt, inspect it for cracking or glazing. If you see any of these signs, replace it. Also, check the tension. The belt should feel taut when you push down in the center. If needed, tighten the belt by loosening the attachment bracket.

Keep everything away

Your furnace has several delicate systems running all at once when you use it, causing it to heat up. It is advisable to keep everything away from your furnace. Doing so will avoid clutter buildup and promote better air circulation.

These are only a few of the things that you can consider when maintaining your furnace. If you feel overwhelmed about it, then you can always get in touch with the best furnace repair specialists in your area. Working with professionals will ensure that you will get the job done without breaking into a sweat.

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