Garage Construction: Building a Detached Garage with Sustainability in Mind

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These days, homeowners are becoming more eco-conscious. In every decision they make, they want to make sure they do it the green way. The good news is, different companies now offer sustainable solutions when building or renovating the house.

For instance, you’re planning on constructing a new detached garage. By building your new home extension with sustainability in mind, you can ensure that the project will be efficient, long-lasting, and have less impact on the environment.

Keep Insulation in Mind

You want your garage to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature all year around. This is especially true since you will be storing your precious cars and other important stuff in your garage. Thankfully, a detached garage is a lot easier and less expensive to insulate than a garage attached to a house.

Make sure the doors and windows are well-sealed. Choose renewable insulation materials like cotton, wool, polystyrene, or aerogel. Don’t forget about investing in an insulated garage door.

Also, consider how you plan on using the garage. For example, you’re planning to construct a detached garage that will serve as an extension of your business. You need to consider how. If you also plan to store inventories in your garage and need an eco-friendly garage door, improve security, and control hygiene, consider investing in a garage door similar to an industrial-grade high-speed rollup door.

Also, use a door threshold or weather-stripping on the bottom part of the garage door. This helps ensure that no outdoor weather can enter your garage.

Go for Adequate LED Lighting

A garage door needs to have enough lighting. You want to make sure that you invest in LED lightbulbs instead of incandescent lights. LEDs are a lot more eco-friendly, make use of less energy, and last considerably longer than other lighting solutions.

You might have enough windows that allow natural light inside the garage. But you will still need adequate lighting at night and during the colder months. Go for a lighting solution that offers enough brightness, won’t require you to change bulbs now and then, and is energy-efficient enough to boost your saving.

You need to make sure you hire a licensed electrician to install power to your new garage. You need enough power outlets inside your new garage space. The last thing you need is to have a fire safety hazard now standing in your backyard.

Consider Utilizing Your Roof

Solar energy

Since you already plan on building a sustainable garage, why not utilize your roof? If you have more funds to spend, you can consider the following ideas.

  • Create a Living Roof

Installing plants on the roof of your garage is a great way to improve the air quality around your home. With a living roof, you can instantly boost the aesthetics of your garage. This also helps improve the garage’s heat and sound insulation while providing an excellent habitat for other wildlife.

  • Solar Panels

One sustainable way to power your garage is to install solar panels. Harnessing the sun’s energy enables you to reduce your energy usage, carbon footprint, and even your power bill. You can also enjoy rebates and tax incentives for installing solar panels on your garage’s roof.

  • Collect Rainwater

Each year, we waste and misuse lots of gallons after gallons of water. Having a rainwater collection system on your roof allows you to harvest free water and reduce your need to pay for clean water.

A garage construction can be sustainable only if you are willing to invest in it. Consider the materials you will be using and other additions you can include in your project. With LED lighting, adequate insulation, and making the most out of your roof, you can build an eco-friendly garage in no time.

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