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When Tasmania is mentioned, many people think of the old cartoon with the slobbering Tasmanian Devil making a mess of things. However, it is a real place and is an island off of the mainland of Australia.     If you want to move to Australia but feel the high-paced life in Sydney and other cities is not for you, Tasmania might be the place for you. Here are some of the best reasons:

Incredible Beauty

Tasmania is an island full of natural beauty. The entire continent of Australia has its unique vistas, but this island takes it to another level. The sandy beaches of Bruny island are just a few hours away from various natural sites that can take your breath away. Even the urban locations are great, with the capital Hobart being a good showcase of the local urban life.


If you’re planning to move to Tasmania, there’s no need to worry. Companies that specialize in international removals can be found in Melbourne and other major cities. They can be a big help in getting you here. The big difference is that Tasmania is a lot less expensive than the mainland. You can expect to spend less if you plan to live here.

In addition, Sydney and Melbourne are the favorites of most of the people going to Australia. Hobart is a quieter place and there is less competition here for jobs and accommodations.

Healthy Cultural Life

Tasmania may not seem like it, but the island has become a great cultural center. It has the Museum of Old and New Art that has people raving. Home of one of the world’s largest art collections, it is just one of the major attractions in the region. Tasmania is also home to a vibrant set of festivals and cultural events that make every year enjoyable. This includes the Devonport Jazz Festival, Steamfest, and more. Tasmania is no cultural backwater and you’ll be able to enjoy your life there.

Environmental Preserve

Similar to New Zealand, the isle of Tasmania is one of the world’s greatest nature preserves. There is wildlife here and plants that you won’t find anywhere else. The forests, bush, and parklands are full of natural treasures that you don’t want to miss. This is a uniquely Australian experience that can’t be matched.

A Food Paradise

Fresh oysters with white wine

With all of this natural and cultural beauty, there’s also something for those who want to satisfy their appetites. The island is full of potential sources of great food and drink. Eat seafood fresh from the sea with lobsters, salmon, and oysters or drink the wine made from grapes ripening in the Tasmanian hills. The island has even become popular for making some of the best cheeses out there. One special highlight is Tasmanian apples. Known as one of the world’s largest apple producers, you can have a taste of what the island offers with a trip to the Sorrel Farm.

Tasmania is a great place to begin a new life with varied attractions available. If the above benefits make you consider moving, contact an immigration expert and ask about what you need to make a life in Tasmania.

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