Hot and Cold Rooms in the House: What Can You Do?

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Do some rooms in your house go hot and cold no matter which temperature you set your thermostat to? For example, your living room might be at the desired temperature, but the other rooms are either too cold or too hot.

Many homeowners in Niagara have experienced this inconvenience. There are several ways to make your Niagara home’s heating and cooling systems work as expected. Like in different situations, the solution is not in black in white, meaning that what works for you may not work for someone else.

Unfortunately, a good number of contractors will provide haphazard service, such that aspects like your home’s exposure to the sun are not given proper attention. One home may face south, but an exact one down the street faces east. The contractor does not provide allowances for this type of exposure, and this presents the problem of imbalanced heating and cooling.

So, what can you do to remedy the situation?

Install a Zoning System

A zoning system is an ideal solution to address imbalanced heating and cooling because it can be combined with manual control dampers. This option might be the most expensive of the methods we present here, but it does come with some handy positives.

If all the duct runs are accessible, your HVAC contractor can install dampers in each, so they can control airflow independently. Thermostats are needed for each zone, and these are connected to the main zone control board. Depending on whether a zone is calling for cooling, the respective damper will close or open. Some components used in such a system are bypass damper, zone control damper, balancing damper, and zone control board.

Install Balancing Dampers

Balancing dampers are installed at the air supply drop outlet. Many contractors consider this as the best remedy for imbalanced heating and cooling, although it can be impractical at times. The system is capable of controlling the volume of air entering each room. The solution is often installed in commercial facilities, but you could find it in one or two residential buildings in Niagara.

Balance at The Register Mounted Control Dampers

Most of the times when you call an HVAC professional with the heating and cooling issue, they will first seek to understand the type and condition of the air distribution system. When a problem in duct work can be relocated in the plenum box, it will be the first option. However, this is not usually the case, so the recommendation is usually to use the register-mounted dampers. Check your registers well, and you will notice some tiny tab on them. You can use this component to adjust airflow.

Use Booster Fans

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This is a good solution too, but one that’s rarely used. An instance where it may be ideal is a room not receiving enough air and the balancing dampers not applicable. Booster fans are excellent if you are only focusing on a particular section of the home.

Poor temperature distribution in a home can emanate from numerous factors, some of which we have not even covered. Fortunately, there are many ways of rectifying the problem. You want to consult an expert to determine the best solution based on the source of the problem.

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