Improvements on a Budget: Renovations for the Cash Strapped

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We have thought more than one time about renovating our homes. It cannot be helped, especially if you’ve been staying at home for the past year and counting. There are many improvements you may have seen while lounging on your deck or walking around your house.

It may also have been that you’ve inherited an old house. Old designs are old designs, although they can be renovated to a modern ‘antique design’ aesthetic; you can also add some elements like quality Westex carpets or a chandelier if your house’s theme allows it. The idea here, though, is to renovate your home without as much as a significant dent in your pocket.

Here are a few budget renovation ideas that will give your home a much-needed facelift. It can involve anything from tearing down a part of your home to re-arranging furniture and such.

Fabrics: Using an Attractive Stair Runner

There are quite a lot of homes where you come upon stairs first when entering. If your home design’s similar, why not invest in a sharp-looking stair runner? It should also be worth it since you’re placing it as the first thing visitors will see when they enter your home.

If your stair runners have seen better days, then it’s time for an upgrade. It’s a cheap alternative to bringing some colour into your home rather than doing an extensive re-paint. The colours and design you choose should follow whatever plan you think you’d like to follow in your home. You could go for a striped runner or a boldly coloured one. It’s all up to you!

Renovation: The Return of the Humble Fireplace

A fireplace is something that most classic homes would have. That is, until the ‘70s and the ‘80s when home designs saw the fireplace pushed out of the way. If you’ve got a chimney and no fireplace, why don’t you try to bring back this once-popular design?

This is helpful if you think your home needs a bit of character regained or if you’d rather not have the TV as the centrepiece of your home. Fireplaces also have a certain kind of rustic charm to them. You don’t have to place an incredibly attention-grabbing grand fireplace; even an iron-wrought grate-fireplace combination can achieve the appeal you’re looking for.

Renovation: Doll-up or Redo the Façade

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You can’t leave the front doors unnoticed when looking for parts to renovate in your home. The front doors will always be an essential part of renovations. If you plan to redo them, consider if you need to replace them or have them revived with a fresh coat of paint.

Changing them outright might be expensive, but it’s a sure way to guarantee your home will look new. Invest in a new door to revive your home’s appearance. If you want, you can even design the new door according to how you want your home to look.

Space: Decluttering Items You Don’t Need

You can easily overlook items in your home so that they pile up over the years and may become unwanted. This is why you should make decluttering your home a regular chore. You certainly won’t want your home to look like it’s a storage room.

This is easy to remedy, as you can always buy extra shelves to free up space if you don’t want to give away some items. Shelves can also be customized from any excess unused furniture you have in your home. If you want, you can also create an organizing system that doesn’t require you to buy shelves or recreate furniture.

Renovation: Finish the Basement

The basement is often a neglected part of your home because it’s unseen, and most homeowners don’t see a need to finish it. If you find yourself needing space, you can move some of your clutter to the basement. You’ll have to complete your basement first to keep your items clean.

It’s not that costly, depending on the level of work you need to do. If your basement remains just barely finished, you’re going to have to spend a lot on it. But if it’s already finished with only a few parts remaining rough, then it’s going to be quick, affordable work.

Home improvements and renovations are good to think about when you’re staying at home and have more time to check out what needs to be done. You should consider doing the smaller projects first. That way, you can save more money and have your small project finished at the same time.

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