Interior Designs Ideas That Will Give You a Bit of Comfort and Elegance


Are you thinking of giving your home a bit of comfort with a dash of elegance? Most homeowners don’t take the time to check on the latest trends that will give them these moods. Instead, they often choose what’s the trendies, cheapest, or even most accessible to purchase. But if you want a home that is modern, elegant but still has the kind of comfort level you want during a pandemic, here are some things you should explore.

Use Earth Tones

Earth tone colors are the way to go in 2020. Yellow ocher, olive oil and burnt orange shades evoke nature, and using them as part of your color scheme could bring nature into your home. Choose accessories that resemble trees and woods to bring in a calm feeling.

Explore Curvy Shapes

Curvy shaped furniture existed way back in the 60s and 70s, and now it has returned with a vengeance. The curved table is the latest trends that most people tend to search. You won’t fail if you opt for curvy furniture, make sure it can serve as a statement piece but also suit the area where you intend to place it.

Build a Multifunctional Space

It has become a trend for most people to work from their homes and homeschooling for their kids. Many designers have come up with open-plan designs to make it easy to design multifunctional rooms. Many have used the kitchen and dining area as a working station or even breakfast nook. For many families working and learning from home, it has made it easier for them to cook, socialize and eat in the same place.

Space under the stairs, or at the corner of a living room can be the best space to convert for your kids to learn. You can keep a close look and do a quick check on their studies. You could also use your basement as a gym if you want a place where you could stay active and fit.

Use Floral Wallpaper

Floral wallpaper can still complement modern decor, as long as it uses colors that are agree with the color scheme. Choose a wallpaper with more muted tones such as pastel blue, yellow, or indigo. You can use them for bedrooms and hallways, as they always create immediate comforting energy to any interior.

Explore Varied Window Treatments

Windows are some things that most homeowners overlook during home decor. Natural light enhances the space are and makes it look bigger, and using window solar shades are affordable and allow you to limit glare and the amount of light in your room. Or you can install shutters on your windows for a cozy and traditional look to your house.

room full of windows

Mix Metals and Wood

Mixing wood and metals can give your living area a mix of modern and traditional design. Use silver, gunmetal gray or black for your metals, all of which are very complementary with any shade of wood, even birch. Use this mixing and matching for your furniture and decor.

Choose Canopy Beds

Canopy beds existed back in the days and have made a comeback. Canopy beds give any bedroom an atmosphere of comfort, privacy and even luxury, but this does not mean you have to use expensive and luxurious materials. You can build a canopy bed with affordable linens and wood, as long you create the mood you want in your bedroom.

Create a Home Office

With the rise of remote work, it is advisable to create a workspace that is comfortable and organized. Choose an area in an unused part in your home, such as the space under the stairs or even the basement or attic. Just make sure that you hide your wirings and equipment in boxes or behind shelves or books. This will ensure that these cables will not create a chaotic atmosphere in your home office.

The latest interior decor is taking different and unique styles and mixing them to make them more resistant to time and trends. These design ideas will help you create a cozy and elegant home without taking too much of your time and money.

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