Lighting Your Home: Lighting Tips for Every Room

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Different rooms in the home have different lighting requirements. The kind of lighting a room needs may depend on its size, wall colours, mood and furniture. Homeowners can choose among the various types of chandeliers, lamps and wall sconces to meet their lighting requirements. With the right choices, it is easy to bring the best possible lighting arrangement into any room and keep a high sense of style and design with it.

Lighting the Main Rooms

Main rooms pertain to the big spaces, like the living room and the den. These areas need ambient lighting as their main source of illumination. While most homeowners prefer to get more natural light during the day, insufficient lighting during the evening will make the area look dark and unwelcoming.

Overhead lighting, wall lighting and lamps are some of the options for introducing ambient lighting to these spaces. You can easily buy these and other furniture online. There are many choices for lighting fixtures, such as lamps, chandeliers and sconces. Chandeliers can be simple or elaborate depending on the overall theme of the room. Wall sconces and floor lamps can help set the tone and mood for large rooms.

It is also ideal to install overhead lights for areas that need more illumination like the dining table, lounge chairs and reading areas. To avoid having an overwhelming amount of light, start with the largest source of illumination and adjust with accent lighting.

Installing Task Lighting


The kitchen needs bright lights, but some areas will still require task lighting where work is done. For the kitchen, it can be over the stove, sink area and kitchen counter. Other areas that may need task lights are the home office, study area and reading nook. Desk lamps or table lamps are ideal for work and office spaces.

For the kitchen, however, homeowners can install pendant lamps, track lighting and halo chandeliers. LED and fluorescent lights are also popular for the kitchen, but they can sometimes be glaring. This is why other people still prefer to install several soft lights.

Installing Accent Lighting

Another part of the home that needs careful planning when it comes to lighting fixtures is the bathroom. Some people want bright ambient lighting, but there are also times when they want softer lights. To set the mood for a relaxing bath or long soak in the tub, homeowners can add accent lighting and use a dimmer switch to adjust the illumination in the room. Using candles on wood or iron sconces is an ideal way to make a bathroom more inviting.

Other areas of the home that can benefit from accent lights include bedrooms and receiving areas. Tiffany lamps are a nice addition because they offer pops of colour while offering just the right amount of light. They can be used as bedside lamps or reading lamps in a corner study or reading nook.

Playing with home lighting can be a fun and exciting way to highlight, brighten up or make rooms more functional. Depending on the room, homeowners can use a variety of lights not only to add illumination but also to inject character into the space.

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