Tips for Making an Old Home Feel New Again

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  • Maximize natural light by replacing curtains, adding windows or skylights, and cleaning windows regularly. 
  • Update fixtures and hardware, such as door knobs and drawer pulls, for an updated look. 
  • Paint walls or add wallpaper and replace carpets or floorboards for a modern style. 
  • Replace aged faucets with contemporary models and upgrade light fixtures. 
  • Focus on energy efficiency by adding double-pane windows, installing a heat pump, and replacing old insulation. 

Have you ever walked into a home that looks like it’s stuck in the past? From outdated wallpaper to creaky floorboards, it can be difficult to imagine how to transform it into a modern living space. But with a few smart upgrades, your old home can have all the charm and style of a newer model. Here are some tips you can use.

Maximize Natural Light

One of the easiest ways to make an old home feel new again is by making the most of natural light. Start by replacing heavy curtains and drapes with light and airy window treatments such as shutters or shades.

This will let more sunlight into your home, making it feel brighter and more open. If possible, consider adding windows or skylights to increase natural light even further. If you can’t add more windows, strategically placed mirrors can help reflect light and make the room appear larger.

You should also take the time to wash your windows regularly. Clean, streak-free windows will give you an unobstructed view of the outdoors and make the room seem more open and inviting.

woman letting in natural light by opening up light-colored curtains in windows

Update Fixtures & Hardware

Details matter when transforming an old home into something new and modern. Consider replacing outdated fixtures with updated designs that reflect current trends. Here are some ideas:

Spruce Up Walls & Floors

The walls and floors of your old home can be a great way to add an updated look and feel. Start by painting or wallpapering the walls in a modern, clean color palette that will make the space look larger.

Then, replace any worn carpets or floorboards with new hardwood or tile floors. This will give your home an updated look that is sure to impress. Don’t forget the power of accessories. Add a few rugs, artwork, and other accents to give your home a modern flair while still keeping some of its classic charms.

Replace Tired Door Knobs & Drawer Pulls

Upgrading the door knobs and drawer pulls in an old home is a simple but effective way to make it feel modern and updated. Replacing brass or wooden handles with more contemporary designs like chrome, matte black, or brushed nickel will instantly add style and sophistication to any space. Plus, upgrading knobs and pulls is relatively inexpensive compared to more major renovations.

Upgrade Faucets

Replacing dated fixtures and appliances with modern models is a great way to make an old home feel fresh and new. Try replacing the faucets in your kitchen or bathroom with updated styles that match your decor, as well as upgrading any outdated light fixtures.

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Focus On Energy Efficiency

In addition to making your home look more modern and stylish, there are plenty of ways you can upgrade your old home to be more energy efficient. Making these simple changes can help lower your utility bills while also helping the environment. Here are some examples:

Use Double-pane Windows

Adding double-pane windows is an effective way to upgrade an old home and make it feel new again. Not only do they help block out noise, but they also provide better insulation, keeping the home comfortable all year round.

They also help reduce energy consumption and lower utility bills. Double-pane windows can even block out damaging UV rays from the sun, protecting your furniture and floors from fading.

Install Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are a great way to keep your home comfortable without relying on energy-hogging furnaces or air conditioners. They can also be used to heat water, making them an efficient way to warm up your home in the colder months. If you’re looking for experienced heat pump installers, consider enlisting the services of a trusted HVAC contractor.

Update Your Insulation

Replacing old insulation with modern, energy-efficient materials can help keep your home comfortable and reduce energy costs. It’s best to have a professional assess the insulation in your home and make recommendations for what should be replaced. Common types of insulation are cellulose, fiberglass, and spray foam.

Transforming an old house into something new doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming — sometimes, all it takes is some clever upgrades and careful planning. Maximize natural light, update fixtures and hardware, and focus on energy efficiency for a refreshed look that feels like new again. With these easy tips, you’ll soon have the perfect modern living space without breaking the bank.

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