Making Quarantine a Pleasant Time for Solitude

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Many people are still reeling after the shock of witnessing the devastation of the current health crisis. Many are accepting that spending more time at home is the only way to safely move forward in life, though some governments are cautiously opening economies and lifting their stay-at-home directives. While others are adapting well to a life spent indoors, many are struggling. Some find it unnerving, especially since it is a big shift from a fast-paced life of hopping from one place to another. Most of these are single people who live alone and are not used to staying home all day. But there is a way they could ease in a life of pleasant solitude.

Equip Your Home

In the past, many people often relied on the convenience of restaurants, shops and malls to get anything they need. From meals to laundry, these services freed people from the burden of domestic chores. In many cases, people are finding that they cannot buy bread from their favorite artisanal bakery or buy their favorite coffee concoction from the corner coffee shop. In such a case, why not buy a coffee maker or a food processor? Start baking your own bread, or making your own cup of coffee. You can order the ingredients online, and you can enjoy your new hobby with your family.

If staying in the kitchen is too confining, why not bring out your gardening tools and start taking care of your backyard or lawn? Staying outside these days might seem counter-intuitive, but as long as you stay in your yard, you can enjoy the sunshine and greenery without exposing yourself to the dangers of infection.

You could also do some home renovation that you’ve been stalling to do for some time. Consider installing custom window blinds, especially if you have a west-facing window to give that much-needed sun protection and privacy. Installing draft stoppers is also another easy DIY project that you can do to make your home more comfortable throughout the year.

Identify Zones for Work, Play and Relaxation

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While it can be tempting to sleep in and just get up at the final second to begin your workday in bed, carve out specific zones for the important aspects of your life to maintain productivity and enjoyment. Find a corner in your house to set up as a workstation so that you can reclaim your bedroom, or even just your bed for rest. This can give you that much-needed boost in productivity snd help you focus on the work at hand.

Similarly, identify a space dedicated for exercise to eliminate the friction and excuses you have been giving yourself for neglecting your fitness during this extended isolation period. Finally, transform your bedroom and bathroom into a self-care sanctuary filled with items that nourish your soul. Consider setting up your essential oil diffuser, Bluetooth speaker and favorite books in your bedroom to help you wind down for the night.

While the prospect of staying at home can be daunting, one can ease into it and eventually find joy in homelife by following these recommendations to prepare your home and help get through this unique and challenging period.

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