Pool Servicing: Things You Need for Expansion

Pool services

The market for maintaining and servicing pools is still riding the wave. There are over ten million residential swimming pools in America, leading to a continued increase in revenue for the pool cleaning services industry that has reached over six billion dollars. It’s no wonder so many have wanted to try and dip their toes into this lucrative business model. Whether you’re starting your own services or looking to expand your existing pool service into a bigger model ready to take on more clients, these are some of the most useful things you can bring into your system.

  • Pool management software

You start accumulating clients and servicing different pools across various locations. Because of this, it becomes even more essential to keep operations streamlined and have a database you can refer to. This is so that you can keep tabs on pending jobs, invoices, and accomplished tasks all in one accessible hub.

Different related software exists across trades, but there is a specifically designed pool management software created for the pool service industry. This can help a business transition from lots of paperwork to digitized operations that can help with managing bookings, locations, client information, priorities, and objectives. For busy days where things can get overwhelming, this is a better resource to make use of since it can be used to keep real-time reports and create routes to work around.

  • Pool routes

outdoor pool

Now, this is an important consideration when expanding your service business. See what you have a foothold of and map out where to go from there, focusing on how to capture new target audiences to make use of your brand.

One method people use to secure clientele and accounts is by purchasing a pool route. Whether this is a good option depends on your goals and resources. This investment can give you that necessary jumpstart if starting in a new location with a little advertisement. But it’s a risk that can cost you money without much of an investment for a year or more. Even when you purchase this from a reputable source, it still ties you up for a significant amount of time. Whether the results are worthy, it depends on your case and the accounts available to you.

It may be wise to get these routes organically and either leverage on your existing brand presence or invest in advertising.

  • Online presence

All of the work in this industry is done in the real world beyond the confines of pixels. However, the online world dictates how much traction you can have for your expansion. By creating a website where people can learn about you, having links where positive feedback can be seen, and having social media with shareable content, you can widen your reach and further cement your positioning to both loyal customers and prospective clients.

Invest in optimizing your brand’s online power, from search engine keywords to digital materials that can represent your service.

Using these resources, you can cultivate your pool business and make a successful splash without fear of drowning.

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