Protect Your Family from Disease-Causing Bloodsuckers

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You can swat mosquitoes with your hands or order an electric swatter online. Mosquitoes are not strong fliers, unlike other insects. However, no matter how well you swat, it will not do anything to elevate mosquito control in your backyard. What can swatting do against a swarm of buzzing insects that are hungry for blood?

If you want to eliminate your mosquito problem completely, you need to ask experts in residential pest control in Mayagüez. Here is some advice they might give.

Go for Biological Pest Control

Biological pest control methods are being embraced by more communities in America. Marigolds are mosquito repellent and work as well as citronella—the popular choice against mosquitoes. Lavender, basil, and rosemary can be helpful as well.

There’s no need to build a bat house, but when you see a colony of bats hanging out in the yard don’t try to swat them. Bats are predators for mosquitoes, and that is the reason why you don’t want to shoo them away. If you can’t stand the thought of having bats in the yard, then let spiders and frogs in the garden. Perhaps you’d want to get a pair of geckos, or build a pond, and bring home a few koi fish. These animals eat mosquitoes as well.

Add Something to Standing Water that Mosquitoes Do Not Like

Fumigate mosquito-killing to prevent disease

When it is not practical, logical, or realistic to remove water where mosquitoes may be laying their eggs we have to look for an alternative approach. According to pest control experts, you can stop worrying about standing water you cannot remove and start thinking about what you can add to the water to prevent mosquitoes from breeding. We already know most species lay their eggs on standing water.

A few drops of oil on standing water would kill off any larvae or eggs in the container. Mosquitoes will suffocate when you use olive oil, cinnamon oil, or any type of oil. Another liquid you can add to standing water is apple cider vinegar. But it takes a while longer to kill the insects with it, so it’s not the top choice if you want an immediate solution. If you’re not in a hurry, pour in a good amount and wait for about 18 hours for results. If you don’t have oil or apple cider vinegar, go to the kitchen and take a container of dish soap. Pour a few drops and mix it into the water. You may use shampoo as an alternative. If you are looking for an absolute mosquito killer, add bleach to standing water. However, think twice before adding standing water that may be accessible to pets and wildlife, or water that may seep into the soil.

A world where mosquitoes do not exist is largely fictional. It may not be possible to eliminate them completely, but you can make your yard and home a mosquito-free zone. With vigilance and sound advice, you can protect your family from the illnesses they carry and hope the diseases the insects transmit will never touch your household.

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