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Store owners are always hoping that visitors to their store would be buying what they are selling. However, it can be difficult to assure this. There is a way to help push customers to give in to their impulse of buying some of the products on your shelves: by laying out your store in a way that appeals to their subconscious.

These tips should help you increase your sales:

Draw Them In

The first thing you need to present your customers with is a proper entrance. You need to present a showcase of your store near the opening. This usually comes in the form of a slightly open space that transitions people from the outside world to your store proper. This is where your customers see what you have to offer.

It is important to present the best possible representation of your store. This means the furnishing, the lighting, and more. The products are as important since you’re still presenting how great your store looks.

Turn to the Right

People naturally turn to the right. It’s a subconscious choice and you need to take advantage of that. After the entrance, your layout should have your products greeting your customers. When they turn to the right, the products that you want to highlight should be there. This is your initial display and should draw them in.

Create a Path

After the first display, you should lead your customers down your offerings. It will ensure that your customers have a chance to see everything that you can offer. The layout will then naturally lead them to the opening and the checkout. Creating a path also allows you to channel customers to particular displays and products.

Let Them Take it Slowly

However, even with a path, you should encourage them to slow down. For example, modern staircases can take your customers up to another level while also allowing them to see much of what you have to offer. Slowing customers down ensures that they can see more of your products.

These speed bumps can come in a variety of forms. A product display can catch their attention or maybe a small cafe on the side is there for the customers to relax a bit. The longer people stay, the higher the chances for impulse buying.

Place the Checkout Last

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Finally, your checkout point should be at the end of the path you have created. This usually means this is at the left of the entrance since the right is where you started the path through your store. Have a checkout point that is large enough to accommodate large purchases and a final display to encourage impulse buys.

When people visit your store, you’ll want them to be buying stuff. They don’t need to buy much; just enough every time they visit. The proper layout can present the products you are selling in such a way that customers will always find something that they will want to buy. The tips about store layouts above can be a big help in that way. Now that you know them, it’s time to start laying out your store properly for maximum sales.

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