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As we live in modern times when new scientific developments and innovations are released almost every month, there is no denying that technology permeates our daily lives and becomes more of a necessity than just vanity. From our smartphones to smart cars, now smart homes are slowly becoming the norm, with virtual voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant on the rise. So with these high-tech gadgets becoming more popular, it follows that smart security options are also getting more traction.

You might be thinking you already have a CCTV. And while that alone works great, there have been updates on security technology so let’s look at some of them.

Security Cameras

Having a CCTV at this point is such an obvious solution to home security, so why not go ahead and make your security cameras smarter? Smart security cameras give you the ability to check up on what’s happening in your house through your desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone, even if you are away at work or on vacation. You have a lot of options, too: some allow you to see and talk to your pets, many have night vision, and for outdoors, motion detection and facial recognition features are beneficial.

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Smart Locks

Biometric security isn’t just seen on high-tech action spy movies anymore, and it isn’t limited to office security anymore either. At home, you can set up a smart security lock on your front door so that only people you’ve registered can open it. Smart locks can be operated using thumbprint recognition, and you can connect them to a smartphone app. Being able to access your locks via your phone provides both a sense of control and convenience, especially if you often travel.

Because there are different kinds of smart locks to choose from, it might get a bit annoying if you are new to it. Get to know the pros and cons of these different types, and understand how to install the locks first before buying one. It’s not very hard, though, so setting it up shouldn’t take too long!

Motion Detectors

Whether at night when you are asleep or away for a while and want to keep check of your property, smart motion detecting devices can give you real-time notifications when someone unwelcome is lurking around. From something as simple as motion-detecting lights to something more stringent that sets off alarms or turns on floodlights when a stranger steps on your property, these can be connected directly to your devices to alert you so that you can act more promptly and catch trespassers more quickly.

For optimal placement, it is best to put your motion sensors in the corners of your walls so you can have a wide viewpoint. For outdoors, place them on a post high above the ground, but be careful not to put them on exposed, high heat areas because some motion sensors detect sudden heat changes via infrared.

There are several types of motion detectors. The most common is the Passive Infrared Sensor that detects heat changes in an area. This is good right outside your doorstep, your windows, or your garage door. Another type is called torsion sensor, which alerts you if someone is trying to climb up your metal fence by detecting the torsion.

Smoke and CO Detectors

Getting real-time alerts when there is a fire nearby or in your house is very helpful, as it allows you to react swiftly and take necessary steps accordingly. While old “dumb” detectors do their job just fine, smart versions of it give you insight on what exactly is happening -whether the place is quickly getting filled with harmful carbon monoxide or smoke and which room sets off the alarm.

As with many smart devices, you can connect them to a smart home app like IFTTT to further specify your notifications settings. Once your smart device is hooked on a smart home app, you can then command your smoke detector to make your smart light flash red light if there is smoke detected in the room.

Cybersecurity Alert!

Smart devices are connected to the internet, and of course, with any technological device that’s online, there is always the threat of being hacked. Bear this in mind and know more about cybersecurity so that when your home is transformed into a clever one, you’re also clever enough to bar those who would want to steal any of your personal and sensitive information.

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