The Comprehensive Guide to Successful Home Flipping

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  • Flipped home sales have risen by 9%, indicating a strong market with the potential for good investment returns.
  • Key flipping strategies include starting small, researching thoroughly, and renovating wisely with targeted improvements.
  • Assembling a team of experienced professionals can streamline the renovation process and increase profits.
  • Understanding your market and buyer needs is crucial for successful home flipping and ensuring a return on investment.
  • High-ROI renovations include adding a patio, modernizing kitchens and bathrooms, and enhancing curb appeal.

Home flipping can be a profitable investment in real estate if you know what you’re doing. Although risky, having the right team and knowledge can also be gratifying. Here’s what you need to know about the industry, ways to profit from it, and some of the best renovation options for the best ROI.

Home Flipping Sales Today

It’s estimated that flipped homes have increased by 9% during the first quarter of 2023. It’s clear that the market is strong, and investors are seeing a return on their investments. The median purchase price for flips was $115,000, and the median sale price was $169,000, a difference of around 48%.

Tips for Flipping Homes

When flipping homes, you should keep some key tips in mind if you want to profit from it. Here are some of them:

1. Start Small

One way to increase profitability in home flipping is by starting small. Choose a property that can be flipped quickly, with minimal repairs, and that is located in an area in high demand. The goal of starting small is to make a profit quickly and move on to the next property.

2. Do Your Due Diligence

Before you start flipping homes, do your due diligence on the property. Consider things like the property’s location, the condition of the property, and any future market trends that could affect the property’s value. Doing your research helps you make an informed decision on whether to purchase the property and can also help you decide what renovations need to be made and how you can launch your home successfully once complete.

3. Renovate Wisely

Home renovation in progress

It’s important to renovate wisely to maximize profits when flipping homes. Be strategic about the renovations. You don’t want to invest too much money into a renovation that won’t add value to the property. Focus on what buyers want, not necessarily on what you want. Avoid over-renovating or under-renovating, as these can lead to lower investment returns.

4. Work With a Team of Professionals

Working with a team of professionals can help increase profitability in home flipping. A team of professionals, like an experienced real estate agent, contractors, and an accountant, can help save you time and money on the renovation process, leading to higher profits.

5. Know Your Market

Knowing your market and what buyers are looking for is essential to making a profit on a home flip. Research the area the property is in, understand the demographics of people looking to buy in that market, and know what buyers are willing to pay for homes in that specific market. Filling a gap within that market will make you successful in your home-flipping endeavors.

Best Renovation Options For Huge ROI

Certain home renovation options have higher ROIs than others. Here are three of the best options:


Adding an exterior space to a flipped home is a great way to entice consumers to pay more for a home. Outdoor patios have a huge ROI because the cost of adding one is relatively low and adds value to the property. Additionally, a patio can be customized with furniture and other amenities that homebuyers are looking for.

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations

Renovated kitchen beautiful

Renovating the kitchen or bathrooms of a flipped home is always a great way to ensure a return on investment. Buyers always look for modern, updated kitchens and bathrooms when shopping for homes. Expect to have around 81% ROI with a newly remodeled kitchen.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is a great way to attract buyers to your flipped home. Planting flowers, painting the exterior of your home, and adding outdoor furniture are all low-cost renovations that can add value to a flipped property. A freshly landscaped yard also goes a long way to attract buyers and increase their willingness to pay more for the property.

Home flipping can be a great way to profit in real estate. By following these tips and investing in the right renovations, you’ll ensure that you make a return on your flipped home investment. Just remember to know your market and focus on the right renovations. With this advice, you’ll be well on your way to success in home flipping.

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