What Does the Air Duct Cleaning Process Look Like?

The video presents a reporter, a technician for an air duct cleaning and repair company, who highlights the significance of maintaining a furnace and ductwork for healthy indoor air. A thorough air duct cleaning, lasting between two to four hours, enhances HVAC system performance. The reporter discusses the tools involved in the process and how they work.

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Two types of vacuums, portable and truck-mounted, are explored, with their respective benefits and downsides.

Then the focus changes to the detailed steps of an air duct cleaning. The reporter delves into the cleaning process, emphasizing the significance of using a truck-mounted system for comprehensive cleaning. The technicians, trained and certified in both systems, follow a meticulous plan that includes assessing ductwork, prepping the workspace, and utilizing various tools. The cleaning involves compressed air, air rods, and specialized attachments, ensuring thorough removal of debris. Additionally, disinfectants are available to neutralize odors and eliminate mold growth.

Furthermore, the reporter outlines what to expect during and after the duct cleaning. He covers the technicians’ arrival, preparation, and cleaning process, including the loud vacuum operation. The steps include cleaning vents, trunks, blower compartments, and evaporator coils. The information presented aims to empower individuals with insights into maintaining optimal indoor air quality, leaving you better informed about the importance of air duct maintenance.

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