What’s Hot in Home Improvement Projects? Loft Conversions

loft conversion

Homeowners looking at possible home improvement projects should consider having a loft conversion. This is a great way to extend the home and create extra space in the property without purchasing more land or making any major construction.

Loft conversions also come with even more valuable perks on top of giving homeowners extra space. Here are some of the top reasons loft conversions have become a trend in Sussex.

A Smaller and More Manageable Renovation Project

If you have purchased an old house, you may find it lacking in appeal or function in some way. Instead of re-doing the house in a full-on renovation, a loft conversion project may be just what you need to see the change that you want.

Lofts can be renovated to be used as a home office, mini-theatre, game room or children’s room. Doing a conversion will allow you and your family to stay in the house even while the repairs are being made. Since it is small enough, it can be done while members of the family are at school or work for minimal disruption.

A Room for Every Need

extra room

People have various reasons for needing extra space at home. The most popular reason for wanting to have a loft conversion is to have an extra bedroom, which you can utilise as a guest room or perhaps a room for a growing child or a new member of the family.

The second top reason is to provide space for a home office. A loft is conducive for working because it allows plenty of natural light in. Other needs, meanwhile, are an extra bathroom, shower room or dressing room.

Of course, there are also those households that seem to never have enough storage space for everything. You can renovate a loft and convert it into an efficient storage room with plenty of shelves and cabinets. This will help clear your bedroom of clutter and make your living area more conducive to conversation and entertaining.

The good thing about having a loft is that it is practically a blank canvas in terms of design ideas. Window settings and lighting fixtures can set the mood for whatever type of room you decide to convert their loft into.

Increased Energy Efficiency

This may be a little known fact, but those who are aware of the potential energy efficiency of having a converted loft will pursue the implementation of the project. Building regulations require the use of specific insulation in loft conversions.

So, by sorting the property’s insulation system, it will have better energy efficiency. Depending on the property, there may be a need for cold or warm roofing installation to keep the property warmer in winter and save more on the utility bills.

Improved Value

Loft conversions can also increase a property’s value significantly. This kind of project will give homeowners a return on investment when the time comes that they want to sell the house. The extra space and features add value to the home when you have it appraised. It also does not hurt to have a home that looks good inside and out.

When planning a loft conversion, remember to consult licensed and skilled professionals. They know the requirements and rules accompanying conversions and will walk you through the process for a successful home improvement project.

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