Why Polished Concrete Flooring Is Best for Commercial Areas

Polished floor

Polished concrete flooring is a relatively new trend for many commercial and business areas. It is a simple concrete floor that is polished by being treated with a chemical densifier and then ground with fine grinding tools such as diamond polishing pads.

Professional concrete flooring companies in NYC usually create this type of flooring in warehouses and industrial facilities. Recently though, this kind of style is also being used in modern homes, offices and commercial areas. Here are the advantages of choosing to have polished concrete flooring.


Standard concrete flooring is made from a mixture of sand, water, gravel and cement. These are all readily available and sustainable with the exception of the actual cement. Cement, on the other hand, may be replaced with fly ash or blast furnace slag. Doing this will make it as durable as standard concrete floors.


Polished concrete flooring is also recommended for homes and areas where there are people suffering from asthma. Standard concrete produces dust, which can cause allergies and trigger asthma attacks. When concrete floors are not polished, there are tiny dust particles that can be disturbed and stirred when it is walked on. Polished floor eliminates all dust particles, so it is more hygienic and better than standard flooring.

Better Lighting

Polished concrete floors reflect light better, so the area tends to appear brighter and more spacious. This lessens the need for more lighting fixtures and helps lower the electricity bills. Polished floors also look more elegant during formal occasions because of their high shine.

Resistant to Wear and Tear

Commercial areas have very high foot traffic because of all the people who come and go. With polished concrete flooring, there is no issue of wear and tear, as the floor is kept smooth and clean all the time. Cleaners only need to mop up the area to remove footprints, stains and dirt that get stuck on the flooring. While it is true that standard concrete flooring is long lasting, polished concrete flooring can last even longer because the top layer does not erode or flake off.

Easy to Maintain

Polished concrete floor

Polished concrete flooring is among the easiest to clean and maintain. There is no need for special cleaning solutions to remove dirt and stains. It is also easy to maintain and repair. In the event that there are cracks in the flooring, professionals can fix it by sealing it with either a waterproof sealant or resin. Once this is done, no one will even notice that a crack was ever on your floors. There is no need to replace the whole slab unlike when you have tile floors. Since it can survive for longer, you will not need flooring replacement every few years.

Deciding which type of flooring should be used in a commercial area takes a lot of consideration and planning, with the many available options out there. While some may be cheaper, many business owners are choosing to have polished concrete flooring because of the many benefits it can give. You should, too.

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