A Definitive Guide for First-time Home Builders

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Everyone has an ideal home and dreams of building it. People spend time designing and planning it, and seeing their dreams realized is a powerful experience. However, constructing a home isn’t as easy as it seems. It’s very tedious and can bring anyone on their wit’s end. Building a house requires a lot of resources, time, and patience.

First-time home builders need to understand the importance of preparation and proper planning. These are the essential keys to a worry-free construction project. If you’re a novice builder, we prepared this definitive guide to help you build your ideal home.

Search for a contractor

A construction project requires a skilled team of workers and site managers. Finding a contractor is necessary because they have experience in building commissioning. Portland has reputable contractors who can help you find the best team to build your home. Recommendations from friends or personal references will help you narrow down your search.

Ask for project references when interviewing a possible contractor. Inquire about their construction packages (if any) and rates. It is okay to raise these questions because you need to clarify everything before signing an agreement. Don’t forget to do a simple background check before making any decisions. Go for the best-qualified contractors who also offer competitive packages.

Discuss the project’s budget

Your home construction project’s budget should be the first thing to be discussed with your chosen contractor. Using the drafted design and construction plans, start asking about the project’s estimate and will it cover incidentals such as foundation problems, inclement weather, or other unexpected costs.

During the project’s meeting, ask your contractor to list what you agreed upon and include these in the contract. Make sure that everything is in black-and-white because this provides transparency between you and your builder.

Finalize the layout and building plans

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Aside from selecting a home contractor and discussing the project’s budget particulars, review the building plans and layout. Go over each area, like the bedrooms, bathrooms, living and dining areas, and finalize the design. Aside from these, you can ask about the building materials to be used and if the building team can allocate space for future expansion. Iron out all concerns before finalizing everything.

Request your contractor to accompany you to several display homes for inspiration. This will help your builder understand what you want and need for your new home.

Be flexible and formulate contingency plans

Anything can happen during your home’s construction. The weather and even human-made factors can affect your building’s timeline. Instead of blaming your contractor and designer, be flexible and work with them instead. Ask them to correct any mistake and reach a compromise. Adjust your expectations and be ready with your contingency plans.

With all that said, you should remember that building your first hope is an exciting venture. It requires a lot of meetings with your contractor, planning the budget, and creating contingency plans. Working with an experienced builder can help you ease the burden and realize the home of your dreams.

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