A Glimpse of the Advancements in Housing

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The homes we live in today have changed dramatically over the course of humanity’s stay on Earth. Our ancestors lived in caves and under trees, but now, we live comfortably in high-rise condos and homes with large spaces.

We should be thankful that our ancestors constantly redesigned and remodeled architecture and engineering standards and practices to the way they are today. The advancements the human race has made in the fields of architecture, engineering, and interior design are no joke. In only a few hundred years or so, we have managed to make feats and records like no other.

Our ancestors would never have guessed that in the age we live in today, we would have skyscrapers, which can accommodate thousands of people or even mobile homes that you can take almost everywhere you go.

To get a better look at how far we have progressed, here are the few things that made modern-day housing the way it is today:

Better materials

Long-gone were traditional materials such as roughly cut stone and poorly stacked bricks. Now, we use carefully poured concrete for our homes and buildings, which are then creatively painted to our desired colors and patterns. An example of this would be the use of concrete floor reinforcing mesh panels, which are known to be sturdier than traditional flooring.

However, that is not the only thing that changed. Even the options for wood panels and linoleum tiles are now things that people consider when building or choosing their new homes. It is with these better materials that our lives are kept safer and have become more comfortable than those of our predecessors.

Better construction techniques


Architecture and engineering have come a long way. While we still use the basics of construction as the foundation of modern housing, we now have more sophisticated and advanced tools and techniques that help architects, engineers, carpenters, and everyone involved when it comes to building a house.

For example, we now have digital programs that can map out and visualize what the plans are for a house. With these programs, we can see what the house can look like and test if for durability before it even begins construction.

Better designs and technology

Speaking of architecture and engineering, the way we design our homes and buildings have dramatically changed. As stated above, we have come a long way from cold and dark caves, but there is still much more we have accomplished when it comes to designing our houses.

We have integrated designs from other cultures all over the world, something thought to be impossible. But with the power of modern technology, we can now copy home designs from different countries all over the world and even have furniture shipped from those places.

Another upgrade we have is the use of modern technology. If you live in a hot area, an air conditioning system should always be present in your home. Other technologies such as security systems and efficient lighting have also been built into modern houses.

Modern housing has become different from the homes our forefathers lived in many years ago. It is still an ever-growing and evolving part of life and who knows what next big thing will come in the future.

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