Bathroom Decorating: Tips for Choosing the Perfect Tiles

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When it comes to designing your bathroom at home, nothing makes a more lasting visual impact than the tiles. Whether you use them for your bathroom’s flooring or the beautiful backsplash behind the sink, they surely stand out on their own.

But how do you choose the right bathroom tile flooring for your home in OC? Easy! Narrow down your options and get the perfect tiles by following these steps.

Set a budget.

We all know that tiles come at various shapes, styles and prices. So, the first thing that you need to do is to determine your budget. Once you have already set your budget, you will be able to know which options fit your needs. This includes the right types of ceramic, natural stone or porcelain tiles. Ceramic is the most affordable option while porcelain is the most expensive one.

Know the size of your bathroom.

When you walk into any tile showroom, you will notice the varying sizes and types of tiles. Although it may appear counterintuitive to choose large tiles for a bathroom that has limited space, it actually creates fewer grout lines, which, in turn, makes your floor feel like one big surface instead of having several multiple tiles. Also, smaller tiles tend to require more cleaning. So, make sure to weigh your options well when selecting the size of your bathroom tiles.

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Learn to balance various types of tiles.

Most of the bathrooms that you see in commercial establishments are a combination of various styles and designs that create a unique, cohesive look. When shopping for bathroom tiles, do not be afraid to select at least three different tiles that you can mix and match.

While it is true that having tiles in several different shapes, sized and styles can be too overwhelming for the eyes, having only one tile design can make your bathroom look rather dull and boring. So, it is best to add a little variety to your bathroom flooring to ensure that the space will look great.

Consider having a neutral floor and ceiling.

Thinking about the right color palette is one of the most challenging parts of picking floor tiles and designing a bathroom. That is why it is sometimes ideal to choose neutral colors instead. There are times when picking a neutral palette for your flooring can make your bathroom look more amazing than you might expect. That is because a neutral floor works as a subtle base that allows you to try more exciting colors for the walls. Generally, a neutral or white ceiling also produces a similar effect.

You just need to pick a single tile design that you love and try to build around that. Although it might be too subtle for your liking, going this route makes it much easier for you to decide the best complementary tiles if needed. This style can also be eye-catching especially when done right.

The styles and designs of your bathroom tiles can make or break the entire look of the space. Be sure to consider all these things before you go to a showroom near you and shop for tile flooring.

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