Common Commercial Roofing Problems Business Owners Should Watch Out

workers repairing a commercial roof

Roofing problems aren’t only exclusive to residential houses. They also happen in commercial buildings. But many business owners tend to neglect these roofing problems until they got worst. This can lead to costly repairs or even roof replacement, which can even hinder your business operation.

As a business owner, you should catch leaks, shrinkage, surface erosion, and other roofing issues as early as possible. To do that, it’s crucial that you know some common commercial roofing problems that might arise in the future.


This is one roofing problem that happens to any roof. Roof leaks occur for various reasons. From poor installation to lack of maintenance to improper drainage from HVAC and standing water due to clogged gutters, water can creep in and damage your commercial building. This can also lead to rotting and mold problems if left unattended.

How to prevent: Regular maintenance can reduce or prevent water buildup.

Roof shrinkage and cracking

Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause your roof to shrink. This thermal shock happens on roofs, especially on EPDM rubber roofs, when the temperature is extreme. The sun’s energy causes the roof to expand, and then it contracts as the temperature cools down. This makes your roof shrink, crack, and craze.

How to prevent: Conduct visual inspections twice a year. Do it annually every late fall and early spring.

Surface erosion

This is when splitting, ridging, blistering, and other breakdowns occur on your roof. Extreme outdoor temperature causes roof weathering, which can result in various forms of surface erosion. Poor installation on roofs made up of sheet products also leads to surface erosion. Such problems can lead to accelerated roof aging and even breakdown if you don’t repair them immediately.

How to prevent: Proper installation, as well as regular inspection and maintenance, reduce the risks of surface erosion.

Blow-offs, billowing or wind uplift

When your roof is not installed properly, it can lead to blow-offs, billowing, or wind uplift. Bad weather such as storms and ice buildups can do much damage if your roofing system is poorly installed. This is particularly true for single-ply roofs, which can expose seams or open laps that allow moisture to penetrate your interior.

How to prevent: Request proper specification from your roofing contractor.

Poor installation

workers installing a commercial roof

Poor roofing installation can lead to a horde of roofing problems. Shoddy workmanship involves the use of wrong products for a specific type of roof, failure to consider climate conditions in a particular area, and other contractor-related issues. This results in faster roof aging and deterioration and premature roof wear. Poor workmanship also increases the likelihood of the other common roof problems mentioned on this list.

How to prevent: Ensure only reliable commercial roofing contractors work on your commercial establishment.

With proper planning and an attentive mind, you can prevent these roofing issues from getting worse. This means you can save your business from expensive repairs. Not only you save your finances, but you can also keep your employees safe from the dangers of damaged roofs. It’s a win-win for your business.

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