Creative Uses of Flat Roofs in Commercial Buildings

Everyone nowadays is out to start one business or another. The ideas and funding avenues for enterprises have seen a rise in the need for commercial spaces. Running a business from your home will, after all, paint you as unusual and not attract your envisioned clients and profits. Investing in commercial space to rent out office and shop space might be among your most lucrative investments. Even so, it would help if you offered something that your competitors do not for you to attract high-paying tenants.

Contracting for commercial flat roofing for your space in Midland, MI, might be what takes your building to another level. This is because most office spaces are barely enough for everything your tenants might be looking for and the extra space on a flat roof will be a perfect solution. A well-constructed flat roof can be used in one of the following creative ways by commercial tenants.

Rooftop Garden

rooftop with a garden

Outdoor residential living is among the fastest-growing trends. This has spilled over into commercial spaces with more businesses opting to entertain guests outdoors. A rooftop garden forms the perfect space for the entertaining of your guests outdoors, away from the noise and distractions on patios and terraces. Have some comfortable seating, trees, flowers, and pathways on your flat roof to transform it into an exceptional garden that employees and guests will want to use.

Swimming Pool

A flat roof can also host a swimming pool or a hot tub. Nothing will beat the relaxation around water on a rooftop, feeling close to the sun and enjoying the breeze. Swimming pools for commercial spaces are popular in hotels. Even so, they can also prove essential even in commercial buildings hosting conservative clients, like banking halls and law offices. This is because workspaces nowadays are encouraging employees to exercise, and the pool will form a good option for this.

Employee Common Area


Offices now want to ensure that every floor space they rent or buy contributes to their bottom line. With this approach, it is, at times, hard to get enough floor space to dedicate to a common area for employees to interact and relax. With a flat roof, the common area can be on the roof.  Get comfortable chairs and interesting team games for this area to boost employee interaction. This way, workers do not have to sneak away to meet in washrooms during their breaks.

Party Area

Your tenants and those who buy office space in your building may host parties from time to time. You can give them space for this on your flat roof. The ideal party space should have lots of free space so that it can be customized to fit the décor and guests in different gatherings. With this space, tenants will be inclined to your building since the cost of renting party space is negated.

Getting tenants or buyers for your commercial space is not easy. With one of the above on your flat roof, people will be naturally attracted to your building. As such, you are guaranteed occupancy and profits for it.

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