Expecting and Moving: 3 Ways to Ease Relocation When Pregnant

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Ask people what’s the most stressful event in their life, and they would say moving homes. Ask women what’s the next difficult event, and they would tell you straight out that it’s pregnancy. So, how do you deal with two life milestones happening at the same time? Here are tips for an easy relocation while pregnant:

Consult your doctor first.

Your health and safety are the priorities here. Remember that lifting heavy objects can put tension in your muscles or increase the risk for health problems, like hernia or premature labor. All the packing and organizing can also take a toll on your mental health, leaving you anxious or stressed out. Add the fact that you may be especially sensitive to irritants like dust or mold.

It’s important to talk to your doctor and ask which moving tasks are okay to do. Usually, for high-risk pregnancy, OB-GYNs advise against any heavy lifting. They would also encourage you to take occasional breaks when packing and arranging stuff. While you’re at your doctor’s consultation, ask them already for recommendations of health care providers on the location you’re moving into. You should be able to find a new doctor weeks before the actual relocation.

Get as much help as you can.

In a typical move, you involve a community of helpers, from family members and friends to professional movers. When you’re relocating with a baby bump, you need to expand that community. You would have to get the help of professional cleaners, for instance. As mentioned, dust and mold are the last things you want to encounter and deal with, and cleaning solutions may contain chemicals that may be harmful to your health.

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It’s best to leave the cleaning and the decluttering to the experts. You may also ask the help of a temporary housemaid to redirect mails, have utility services installed in the new home, and do the packing, arranging, and labelling. Experts from moving companies in South Florida also advise getting help from professional movers to make sure that your stuff is well secured and to avoid the unnecessary hassle that would add stress to your condition.

Outsmart the pregnancy brain.

Pregnancy is linked to brain fogs, thanks to raging hormones. There’s a high chance you would forget things in preparing for the move or at the actual moving day. Of course, you don’t want to be frustrated, realizing that you left your favorite fine china behind.

Be organized and draft checklists of stuff to bring, and tick them off as professional movers load them in. You may use an app, instead of the usual pen and paper, so everything is accessible on your phone. Use a calendar and plot the tasks you have accomplished already, too. With this, you won’t forget calling the movers or finding a new OB-GYN, saving you from unnecessary headaches and stress.

Moving is tough. Dealing with pregnancy is difficult. When these two life events happen at the same time, it can take a toll on your physical, emotional, and mental health. The good news is there are many ways to reduce the stress. With adequate planning, you can do this with less hassle.

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