Have a Worry-free Move with Self-Storage Services

Storage spaces are important to make things organized. We also need it to keep the things we don’t need for a moment. But, there may be times when we need more storage space to keep larger things. There is a solution for that, and that is storage facilities.

The need for storage

Storage facilities provide spaces of different sizes for varying needs. Most people use them as temporary storage for their household items, particularly when moving. In fact, the growing demand for storage is created by people moving locally — about one in 10 U.S. households rent self-storage units.

People move for a variety of reasons, and job change is one of them. People chase opportunities to make their future better. The state of Georgia, for instance, has employment as the number one motivator on why people move, and it offers advanced economic opportunities.

Getting a new job and moving to a new city can happen instantaneously or scheduled. Either way, moving items from your previous residence can be difficult if not planned accordingly. Good thing, there are services to help you pack and move. You can also have your things in climate-controlled storage such as those in Marietta for safekeeping while you settle in.

A guide to storage units

Storage facilities are secure and convenient. Many of them can lend their services and assist with your move. They can pack or pick things up for you and have them stored in their facilities. Others even offer an inventory of your items to let you know if you packed the right things for the move.

If you prefer to do everything by yourself, however, then self-storage is a popular option you should try because of its affordability. Here, customers are responsible for delivering and picking up their items to their respective storage units. This is preferred by customers who have car access for moving their items in bulk.

Whichever option you choose, you'll be able to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Climate control

Climate-controlled storage is highly advised for clothing and furniture storage. It helps protect your belongings from extreme temperature and humidity. It prevents mildew, mold, and harmful bacteria from eating away your precious items. Mold grows on paper, wood, fabric, carpet and upholstery. Trust us, you would need climate-controlled storage if you have a good piece of leather jacket and lush knitwear.

  • Insurance

Male hand packing cardboard box

Some storage services offer insurance for the protection of items against damage or loss. It is recommended that all of your items be properly insured. It will give you peace of mind, and if ever anything will be lost or damaged, the insurance will take care of the replacement.

  • Security

When choosing the right storage services, it is always important to know if there is security in the facility. Check the number of locks that provided for the storage. Know if there are video and in-person surveillance. This gives you extra peace of mind knowing that your items are safely stored. Check for the accessibility of the facility, if they are open on weekends or if they have 24-hour access to the units.

Transitioning to a new home is challenging, storage services can help ease you in. Save your time, energy, and money with storage services when you move.

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