Bath Products to Know to Build Design Ideas

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The bathroom is an important part of the house, and we spend a lot of time in it. Planning and design should be greatly considered as most people would want it to resemble a spa. Choosing the right design starts from the materials and the right bathroom fixtures as there are a lot of options to choose from.

A year in the bathroom

An average person spends 416 days over their lifetime in a bathroom. Knowing that hygiene is always important for us, we constantly use and do our business in it. The bathroom is also a place for retreat after a long day. A long bath can soothe our aching muscles and help us relax while making important decisions. We often think a lot in the bathroom because we’re all alone in a confined space. Which is why most of us want the design of our bathrooms close enough to resemble a spa.

Now, bathroom designs let us achieve that spa-like feel at home with a combination of stylish looks and functionality. Some households have even incorporated technology such as steam-free mirrors, mood lighting, and digital showers to add to their comfort.

Bathroom components

Two-thirds of the water that we use at home is in the bathroom. Its efficient use is dependent on the fixtures that are on it, and these components and bathroom products are available in places like Melbourne. Bathroom product shopping is a fun experience, but you should be aware of the products that are available in the showroom nearest you. Here are a few things to remember to find that perfect bathroom product:

  • Vanities

These are the ‘countertops’ in the bathroom. You can choose between a floating or a freestanding vanity. Floating vanity is like a built-in vanity that is anchored in the wall. While a freestanding vanity is the common cabinetry design. Proper size is important, so measuring the space should be done before choosing. Maximizing spaces for storage and organization needs should also be considered. Freestanding vanity is space-efficient than floating because it can have more space for storage.

  • Basins

basin in a modern bathroomThere are semi-recessed and undermount basin options for a modern bathroom. Semi-recessed are like basins sitting atop the vanity counter. While recessed are hidden basins levelled with the vanity countertop and can be seamless. Shallow basin design is ideal if handwashing is the primary activity, such as in powder rooms. Deeper basins are mostly used for multiple activities like face washing and toothbrushing.

  • Bath spouts

Available in a variety of design and finish, spouts can be an expression of personal style by mixing and matching. Make sure that the finishes are resistant from scratches, corrosion, and tarnishing. Also, check the water in your area. Some hard water can calcify and may cause unsightly buildup in your spout.

  • Bath

Getting the right bath is easy if you know what you are going to do in it. Are kids going to use it? Washing pets? Then you should consider getting a bath with a low height. There are a few options depending on what you need.

The perfect bathroom design to get that spa-like feel is easy with heaps of options for bathroom products. You can check the nearest showroom near you to find what design would fit your taste and build a theme from there. A single spout can be an inspiration for a relaxing modern bath.

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