How Smart Home Technologies are Changing the Lives of People With Mobility Issues

Living as a disabled or senior homeowner is never easy. Certain tasks can tire you up and can be impossible to do with ease. We are not simply talking about the regular home upkeep. This can also pertain to simple tasks like regulating your indoor temperature or closing your blinds. Thankful, smart home technologies make it easier for seniors and persons with disabilities to live independently and with ease.

Why Smart Home Technologies Are More Than Just a Luxury

Many people think investing in smart home technologies are merely for the rich and lazy. But in reality, these become a must for individuals wanting to live a more independent lifestyle. When your body is not as strong as it was before, even simple tasks can be overwhelming.

Smart home products help seniors and the disabled gain a sense of independence and freedom. Imagine struggling to turn off the lights and closing your window treatments each night just so you can sleep soundly in bed. It is only when you realize how it feels to need assistance for every single task will one truly appreciates smart home technologies.

Such products make our home more convenient. It boosts our mobility and gives us better control over the things one now usually finds difficulty accomplishing. Some products can even help improve the safety of the house. While no smart home product is perfect, many are extremely helpful for individuals wanting to live independently while giving their loved ones better peace of mind.

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Innovations Useful for Disabled and Senior Homeowners

If you have a loved one who is aging in place or now has a disability, there are many smart home technologies you can consider adding to their home. These will help you boost their functional capabilities and safety, thus improving their quality of life. Here are some examples of smart home improvement projects you can tackle for your senior or disabled loved one.

  • Retractable Awnings

Everyone could use a bit of fresh air after staying indoors for too long. But if your loved one’s yard has no shady parts, it can be hard for them to enjoy their yard without feeling uncomfortable. This is where retractable patio awnings or shades come into play.

Window awnings can provide more than just simple shade to your deck or patio. These can also help improve a home’s energy efficiency by protecting the windows against extreme heat, heavy rains, and strong winds. You get to help your loved ones improve their energy savings while protecting their patio and windows against moisture and mold issues.

  • Smart Lighting

A well-lit home is a safer home. But then, having to flip the light switches on and off can be hard work for the elderly and people with disabilities. Thankfully, you can now help your loved ones control their lights by having smart lights installed.

Smart lighting is energy-efficient. This helps improve the accessibility of their house without risking your loved ones’ safety. You can teach them to schedule when to turn their lights on or off or how to control their lights via voice command or their phone.

  • Smart Security Systems

Safety is a major concern when you have a senior or disabled person living alone. With a smart home security system installed, you get the peace of mind knowing your loved one is safer. Such investments can also boost their home value.

You can install smart locks so only they can access their home along with their trusted people. A smart doorbell can be a good way for them to check who is knocking on their front door or automatically lock the door with ease. Security cameras are another smart home tech that proves to be a valuable investment that can improve the safety of any home.

  • Voice-Controlled Home Electronics

When one now has mobility issues, changing the channels on the TV or playing music on the radio can be quite difficult. Your senior loved one may even forget where he put the remote control or how to operate it. Thankfully, voice-controlled home entertainment systems enable us to control these devices without lifting a finger.

Now, they can easily manage electronics using their voice. Functionality may still be limited but can still greatly improve their sense of functionality and freedom. You just need to make sure the device you will be investing in is fully integrated with their existing home internet system.

When you now have limited mobility and easily get tired over simple tasks, having the right smart home technology can give you the right support you need. You no longer need to worry if you left your front door locked. You enjoy a good night’s sleep knowing you can turn off your lights without walking all the way to your light switches. With these innovations, life will be a lot less complicated and you can focus your energy on things that are worth your time and energy.

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