How to Fix the Most Common Toilet Problems Like a Pro

White toilet bowl in a bathroom

It is not uncommon for households to have toilet problems now and then. Whether it is a slow-filling toilet, leaks, or instances when it just will not flush properly, working with professional plumbers in Orem is always the best option.

But did you know that there are also several DIY fixes to help solve your problems? To better understand what you can do, here are a few of the most common toilet issues and how to fix them.

Problem #1: Phantom Flushes

Ghost flushes happen when the toilet cuts on and off by itself as if someone is flushing it, or when it runs at irregular intervals. This usually happens because of a prolonged leak from the tank into the toilet bowl. One of the most common causes of phantom flushes is a faulty flapper seat or the flapper itself. You can quickly fix this type of problem by draining the tank and the bowl, and then checking the flapper seat. See if it is worn or damaged and if it already needs a replacement.

Problem #2: Loose Flush Handle

Another problem that you can quickly fix is a loose or disconnected handle. You can solve the problem by either reconnecting the lift wire or adjusting the handle-mounting nut inside of the tank. It usually has reverse threads that need counterclockwise rotation so that you can tighten it. You can also lift the chain that attaches the lift arm from the flapper to reconnect it.

Problem #3: Water Trickling

Did you notice any hissing sound coming from your toilet? It must be the water trickling into the tank through the supply line. You need to check the float, refill tube and inlet-valve assembly to see the source of the sound. See whether the float needs adjusting. Then, see if the refill tube is not attached too far into the overflow tube. If both parts are in good condition, then it is probably time to change the ballcock assembly to solve the problem.

Problem #4: Clogged Toilet

A clogged toilet is not a rare sight for most homeowners. But in most cases, you do not need to ask a plumber’s help to fix it. You can use a specialized toilet plunger that has an internal flange or cup to solve the problem. If it persists, then you can consider using a specially designed drain snake tool to get rid of the object that is blocking the passageway.

Problem #5: Weak Flush

Flushing toilet

It usually happens when the holes underneath the toilet bowl are clogged. You can use a curved piece of wire to get rid of any foreign objects that are blocking the vents. However, be careful when using the wire so that you will not scratch your toilet bowl.

These are a few of the best solutions to help you fix some of the most common toilet problems at home. If you feel like it is already out of your league, then do not hesitate to call a professional plumber for help.

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