Five Upgrades to Consider When Remodeling Your Kitchen

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The mere thought of undergoing a kitchen renovation can excite any self-proclaimed chef who spends almost all their free time in the kitchen. That’s mainly because the possibilities of what they can do to the space are endless. If they don’t reign their ideas in, the planning could easily overwhelm them.

So, if you’re considering remodeling your kitchen, try making a list of what you have to achieve first. Remember to prioritize function over aesthetics and to stay within your budget. That said, here are five upgrades you could do when renovating your kitchen:

1. Replace Your Countertops

When it comes to working in the kitchen, one of the most important features that you must have is solid countertops because that’s where you’ll be doing all your cutting, chopping, and preparing. If your countertops aren’t water-resistant, you’ll likely experience water damage sooner rather than later.

The grout between tiles is also a big health risk because food particles and other substances can get stuck there when cooking. These gaps can be the perfect breeding ground for molds and bacteria, which can then be transferred to the food you eat. One way to solve this is by getting a solid countertop installation.

Solid countertops are not only easy to clean and maintain, but they can also improve the overall appearance of your kitchen. The most common materials used for this are quartz, marble, granite, and engineered stone, which means that they are made for durability and longevity.

2. Add Backsplash

Cooking can be messy, especially when you’re dealing with oil and sauces. Those liquids can splatter everywhere and leave tough stains that are almost impossible to get out with just water. But since most cleaners contain harsh chemicals that may damage your paint, you’ll have little to no choice.

That is if you don’t have backsplash. If you tend to splatter liquids when you’re cooking or washing the dishes, you might want to consider adding backsplash to your kitchen so that you can protect the walls behind them. The backsplash will protect your walls and make it easier to maintain the kitchen simultaneously.

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3. Install More Cabinets

Cabinets are essential to every kitchen because they make the entire space look tidier. If your current kitchen only has a few cabinets installed, you might want to consider adding more so that you can maximize the space without taking up more floor area. You can install wall-mounted cabinets and drawers underneath the counters.

For instance, if you have lots of pots and pans, deep drawers will be handy. This way, you won’t have to lose any pot lids because they have found their way to the farthest area of the cabinet, which often happens enough to be mentioned. With a deep drawer, you can just pull everything out.

4. Use Space-saving Organizers

Remodeling your kitchen is all about making the place more functional and attractive at the same time. You have to be ingenious with how you redesign the kitchen so that you can utilize every possible area and space to make room for all your spices, tools, kitchenware, or appliances.

A good example of this is installing pull-down racks to the undersides of your cabinets. This is the perfect place to store your spices, condiments, or knife holders so that they won’t take up room on your countertops. And when you’re finished using the items, you can just swing back the racks to keep them hidden in plain sight.

5. Fix Your Pantry

If you’re an avid organizer who wants to ensure that everything is always in the right place, consider upgrading your pantry. For instance, if you have a spare room near the kitchen area, you can convert that into a walk-in pantry to keep all your dry goods and food stocks. You can even add shelving to maximize the space better.

But if you don’t have the luxury of a spare room for a walk-in pantry, you can also opt to add shelving to your cabinets so that you can have multi-level storage spaces for all your pantry essentials. Then you can purchase wicker baskets or clear jars to organize all your stocks in the pantry, but make sure to label them accordingly.

Before you go ahead and contact your contractor, ensure that all your remodeling plans are ready so that you can coordinate the schedules. Knowing what you want to be done can also help you stay as close to your remodeling budget as possible because you wouldn’t want to break your bank just to have an amazing kitchen.

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