Making Your Home Summer-Ready with Easy to Complex Renovation Projects

pool in the summer

After Christmas, the next season you’re probably looking forward to is summer. During the yuletide, the vibe you’re going for is a cozy one where you and your loved ones can snug up in front of the fireplace. However, the relaxing atmosphere does not belong to the hot summer season.

Summers are colorful and vibrant instead of the solemn, sparkly event with green and red hues championing every holiday display. There’s still plenty of time to fix up your home and make it summer-ready, but you can start thinking of which decorations you’re going to put up to make the hot months memorable. For fun and exciting ideas, here are some you can try.

Open Up the Place

Summer can sometimes be unbearable because of the stifling weather. Turning on your AC will help you stay comfortable even when temperatures are off the charts. Blasting off your air conditioning unit will alleviate the heat, but it will send your electric bills to heights you have never imagined.

Instead of depending on your AC or fans during the whole season, you need to upgrade your home and design it with excellent ventilation. When you make space for larger windows, you invite light in and pave the way for better air quality.

Enhance the Atmosphere With Cheery Sounds

Each season has its respective playlists — Christmas has merry carols, valentines get love songs, and summer teems with fun and upbeat soundtracks perfect for road trips and days at the beach. But summer can also be tranquil, especially if you prefer staying in the garden and enjoying the fresh breeze.

Simple additions can make your home summer-ready. Aside from changing your curtains from neutral shades to bright ones, you can also hang up wind chimes in your garden, so you’ll get to enjoy pleasant tinkling noises. You can also convert your garden into a nature reserve by installing birdhouses and hearing their cheery chirps while you tend to your plants.

Clean Your Pool

It won’t feel like summer unless you’ve enjoyed a couple of aquatic activities. Trips to the beach are the most enjoyable, but it can be a pretty expensive escapade if you live far away from the coast. If you’re miles away from the nearest resort, you can still get your swimming and sunbathing fix by cleaning your pool. You’re lucky if you have been using a pool cover on days you don’t feel like taking a dip since you’ll only have to replace its water and do a bit of scrubbing around to remove molds.

cleaning pool

But if you leave it open to catch debris and other dirt, you’re in it for a more strenuous cleaning session. Aside from cleaning, applying a decorative concrete resurfacing system will help eliminate the effects of wear and tear and make your pool look brand new. Getting some beach chairs for sunbathing will give you an enjoyable resort experience to complete the summer mood.

Renovate Your Outdoors

During the winter months, it’s natural to stay indoors and cuddle up in your blanket and thickest clothing. On the other hand, in the summer, your wardrobe probably brims with tank tops and shorts. Oppositely, unlike the holidays, going out in the summer also most likely frequents your mind, which you can’t do every day.

You can’t go to the mall or head to the beach every waking moment, but you can spend time in your outdoor area and let the fresh air caress your face. By adding comfy furniture perfect for lounging around in your patio, veranda, and backyard, you and your family get a place to hang out when your bedrooms feel too stuffy.

Extend Upwards

If you’re game for an invasive renovation project, you can also add another floor to your home and get a rooftop where you can hold intimate parties or relax during nighttime. Retrofitting projects as big as this can last months, depending on how big you want your rooftop to be, but it’s doable as long as you start early.

Having a rooftop is perfect for homes with premium spaces since it’s most likely impossible to extend on the ground; as long as your house’s original foundation can handle it, you can add more floors to your home. Besides a rooftop, you can also create an aerie or a treehouse if your space allows it. High places can be scorching during sweltering summer days, but once the sun hides behind the cloud or when it’s only hours before sundown, you’ll get to enjoy the cool air exclusively.

Summer greets the world every year, but each time is different and can even be more memorable than the last as long as you make it to be. How you choose to spend your summer makes it unique, which you can do with simple to massive home renovation projects.

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