Green Exterior Home Renovation for Your Summer Comfort

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Summer is almost here! After the long winter months and chilly spring, we can finally bask under the warm summer sun. As we are likely to spend more time outdoors during summer, now is the perfect opportunity to carry out our eco-friendly lifestyle to your outdoor living space.

Over the years, more and more U.S. households are switching to green solutions. Data gathered by Statista showed that in 2019, 38.5 percent of consumers had purchased eco-friendly homes and home improvement products within the past twelve months.

In another 2019 survey, 76 percent of parents agree that their children are more active in advocating environmentally-friendly changes at home. Furthermore, the survey showed that 7 in 10 U.S. households classify themselves as an “eco-household.”

Going eco-friendly is not only confined to your home interior. With this in mind, here are some eco-friendly outdoor living renovation ideas to prepare your home for the summer.

Home Exterior Projects for a More Eco-Friendly Outdoor Living Space

1. Blur the Lines Between Your Interior & Exterior Home

The simplest and easiest way to “green” your home is to erase the boundaries between your home interior and exterior. You can do this by opening your windows and doors to let fresh air in.

Window walls and glazed doors are good options to achieve this idea. Their wideness allows natural light to penetrate the insides of your home, and they make your indoor area appear more spacious.

To prevent pests, mosquitoes, and other bugs from getting in your house, install a screen covering for these openings.

Indoor greenery is also a great idea to make your interior an extension of your outdoor living space. Snake plants, pothos, and monsteras are good options to add to your indoor greenery.

2. Opt for “Green” Materials When Renovating

If you plan on doing a major renovation such as building a new patio, deck, or replacing your old fence, consider using eco-friendly materials for construction.

Rather than using new wood for your deck or patio, opt instead for reclaimed or recycled timber. Reclaimed wood is more durable than new ones, and it gives a desirable unique look since it is aged.

Concrete materials are a good choice as well as they could last a lifetime.

Fences are a good addition to your outdoor living space. Not only does it provide privacy, but it also keeps your kids and pets safe in the yard. If you plan on adding a fence or replacing your old one, bamboo or reclaimed wood are good “green” material options.

Apart from these, switch to eco-friendly cleaning products for your outdoor living space. Use a muriatic acid alternative when cleaning out your pool. Instead of weed killers heavy on chemicals, opt for organic mixes instead.

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3. Switch to Energy-efficient Lighting Fixtures

Another easiest and simplest way to put more eco-friendly appeal to your outdoor space is to switch out old incandescent bulbs with LEDs and CFLs. Solar-powered fixtures are even better options.

You should also consider incorporating technology to make your outdoor lighting more energy-efficient. Motion-detectors enable your exterior lighting to light up only when it senses people, animals, or any other motion in the surrounding.

Homeowners seldom think about it, but replacing outdoor light fixtures can make a huge difference in your energy bill.

Besides helping conserve more energy, eco-friendly lighting fixtures can add aesthetic appeal to your outdoor living space. Illuminating those lights on your walkways, entryways, and throughout your landscaping can transform your outdoor into something magical at night.

Other than their aesthetic value, having enough lights on your outdoor living space ensures your home is safe from any burglary. Cases of burglary and larceny are higher during the summer months.

4. Opt for Repurposed Furniture & Decor

You do not stop with construction materials in turning your outdoor living space eco-friendly. Your outdoor furniture pieces are another area you should consider turning “green.”

Choosing old things rather than buying new items helps a lot in saving the environment. Say you purchase new patio furniture. When you do that, you are actually spending natural resources for the product to be manufactured and transported to your destination.

Opt to repurpose old pieces of furniture instead. Give new life to your upholstery patio seats. Aside from saving mother earth, you are saving money as well.

Old decors from your home or a local yard sale could be given a new life as a new planter or accent to your yard.

There are plenty more ideas to turn your outdoor living space into something eco-friendly. With these ideas, you can now transform your entire home into a true eco-friendly haven.

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