Methods for Termite Control

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Termite control is based on the treatments you use which are applied as pre and post construction treatments. In the pre-construction, it is all about protective procedures before a building is erected or shortly after it is complete. Post construction treatments deal with other treatments applied at any point in the life of the building. This article will zoom in on post-construction treatments.

As soon as you suspect a termite problem, call for termite inspections in Salt Lake City. Pest control professionals will carry out checks and may even install monitoring stations within the soil of the suspected infestations. To eliminate the termites, they may opt for:

Poisoned baits

In this method, the professionals will plant wooden stakes in the ground in areas with a suspected infestation. The idea is for the termites to feed on the poisoned baits and die. However, they do not die immediately they consume. Termites can go back to the colony and take the poison back there. This method takes advantage of the fact that termites eat off each other. That way they spread the poison.

A significant advantage of picking this method is that it is environmentally friendly. The stakes on the ground are small. This means there are minimal chemical substances introduced into the soil. It also helps that those chemicals in the sticks will not leak into the ground.

Sodium Borate

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Sodium borate may also be used to control a termite infestation. The powder is combined with water and then spread over the wooden foundations of your home. In most cases, this method will be preventative, and so a professional might apply it after using another technique to kill the termite. Sodium borate will make sure that no further damage will be done on your home. Once it enters their digestive systems, it breaks it down so that they starve and die.

Liquid treatments

These treatments are the most common when it comes to control. Homeowners love them because they work fast. The treatment is sprayed around the house and in the cracks, and some are introduced into the soil. Liquid treatments will vary. Some of them repel termites while others kill them. If you are looking for a lasting method, liquid treatments are perfect as they work for years. However, one needs to be careful not to create an environmental problem.

The technology for repellant liquid treatments has advanced over the years making it possible for one to create a repellent barrier. However, these need to be applied by professionals. Termites can exploit a small gap in treated soil to get into your home.

Wood and wood-framed buildings that are unprotected from termites will eventually suffer the consequence. Note that the best approach to dealing with termites is preventative. However, sometimes they may catch you off guard either because the building was not well protected from the start or the protection has degraded with time. A good practice is to work with a termite control company to perform regular inspections if you live in an area prone to termite infestations.

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