Moving to a New Office: How to Do It Right

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There comes a time when your business has gotten bigger than your current office. This means it is time to consider moving to a bigger one. Moving your operations to a new office is not as simple as it sounds.

Here are some tips to make it easier:

Design and Create the New Office

man working in new officeYou need to have a new office first before moving into it. It is a good idea to leave this to the professionals. While you can specify some things and your input is always necessary throughout the process, having professional office designers do the heavy lifting for you can help ease the burden off your shoulders. Some agencies in Sydney and other metropolitan areas provide everything from design to complete office refurbishment so that you only have to worry about moving in. It is better to leave it to them so that you can focus on other things.

Set a Timeline

With the office nearing completion, you should set a timeline for your move. Doing everything in one go is a tempting choice and can provide minimal disruption. But there will need to be preparations made to ensure it happens smoothly and the timeline helps. It should details the important dates like when your new office has all its utilities turned on and the like. Usually, it will take months of preparation before the move itself. The larger the office, the more preparations need to be made. For example, you might need to change telephone numbers and the like.

Decide What to Get Rid Of

The fewer things you have to bring to your new office, the less of them you have to worry about. A new office is an ideal time to get rid of older equipment that you don’t need anymore. For example, if you have a new set of office chairs at your new office location, there is no need to pack up all of your old chairs. There are several ways to get rid of office items. The easiest is to donate all of them. If you want to get some money, you can sell them off at bargain-basement prices.

Plan For Coverage

Depending on your industry, you need to plan to handle customers during the move. If your business closes on the weekends, then you have a prime time for the move. But some businesses operate 24/7 so there might be problems. You can avoid them by taking some steps. For one, you can have announcements of the move posted a month or so before the move itself.

This warns regular customers that you won’t be available then. But you don’t have to completely shut down. Have one of your employees be the emergency contact so that customers know what is going on and you can promise to contact them as soon as possible.

If you do things right, you should be able to continue your operations seamlessly. But a new office can open up more possibilities. Whether it is increased manpower or added functionality, a new office can signal a new and better era for your company.

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