The Importance of a Good Office Design

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What makes a good office? Is it the furniture or the pantry? Is it whether the vents are well cleaned and maintained? Do regular cleanups of the bathroom and hallway describe a good office?

Well, they all do, and a little more. Sure, office refurbishment can take you quite far in terms of livening up or improving a long-standing office, but there needs to be some thought into the design. That’s what makes a good office—when all the elements work together for a space that can make the work more efficient and enjoyable for the people doing it.

If you want to give your working space a little makeover or some polishing, here are some things you can consider putting in there:

A mixture of open and enclosed spaces

The days of cubicle workers are long gone, but the negative impressions of boxed-in work remain. Studies have shown that having a freer working environment in terms of space can help loosen up the mind of the occupants due to feeling less physically constrained by spaces. The best way to do is to have movable partitions or clearly delineated areas rather than closing off spaces completely.

On the other hand, some people will prefer an enclosed space, which is why a mixture of rooms and open seating areas is the best option for any office. Not only does it look good, but it caters to the two types of employees: those who prefer to work in open areas and those who want closed spaces.

Ambient music

office music

Can we play music? The answer is yes, absolutely but with limitations, of course. While there can be a certain charm to walking into a quiet office with only the sounds of clacking keyboards and shuffling papers and desks, having a little ambient noise can help give a feeling of homeliness to the normal atmosphere in a workplace.

Different types of lighting are underrated and effective

One of the things you can look into is bringing in more types of lighting fixtures to the workspace. Lighting is a very important and often overlooked aspect of an office setting due to the tendency of companies to not bother with the subtleties that often come with office lighting. However, studies have shown that people’s perception of the light in their surroundings have a definite effect on their mood and work output. This is one of the reasons workspaces with plenty of natural light is often perceived as more productive.

If there’s no getting around that for your office space, looking into different types of lighting,—whether direct, drop, ambient, strip, or otherwise desk lighting—is an effective way to adjust the ambiance of your workplace. Properly placed lights can draw the eye to areas of the room that need to be seen, as well as hide the areas that need to be hidden. It allows everyone to keep a good eye on their surroundings and what they’re working on.

As a business owner or manager, you are responsible for providing a safe and comfortable environment for your employees. Your office design plays a significant role in achieving and maintaining a productive workplace.

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