Out-of-this-world Home Designs to Draw Inspiration From

modern house interior

Everyone wants their homes to be unique, to stand out from the rest of the pack. However, it is not always easy to be the one house that passersby will say wow to. In terms of home design, modern and unique designs are all over the spectrum when it comes to size, color, style, architecture, inspiration, and budget. The architects, engineers, contractors, and homeowners draw inspiration from all over the world for these designs. Which one suits you? Which one fits your budget? You’ll have plenty to choose from with this list.

All-glass Façade

It is hard to think of a modern and unique home without glass facades. These homes are inspired by the idea of continuity—that the indoors will feel like the outdoors and vice-versa. Some houses are wrapped in one-way glass so people inside can see outside but passersby can’t even catch a glimpse of what’s inside the home. Not everyone is comfortable with glass walls, of course, so you can opt for massive windows instead.

Unique Flooring

Forget about ceramic tiles, wood tiles, and all the other flooring materials. You can bring out the best from your house by using epoxy resin to create something out of this world. Many homes, for example, can make their flooring look like the galaxy, pool, ocean, and artwork. Some even put their collections of currencies and coins on their floors before locking them with the resin material. It creates a truly authentic floor design that screams the homeowner’s personality.

Reverse Exterior Design

People often expect to see a front yard or porch when they look at a home. They don’t normally expect to see a sparse entrance, but that’s what some homeowners want these days. They don’t want to waste precious space in front of the home which they will not want to use because of lack of privacy. Instead, they design the home’s exterior to face the backyard so that when guests come, they will be surprised to see that the property looks way better once you get to the backyard.

Many of these homes have amazing backyards complete with English gardens, swimming pools, jacuzzi, sauna, and barbecue grill. Even the terrace and balcony face the backyard, so the house is completely in its own little world. It is the perfect solution for those who value their privacy.

modern house

Green Roof

Lack of space is pushing homeowners and home designers to become innovative. They are turning roofs into green spaces. Instead of your house looking like every other house in your street, why don’t you take a page from the popular Singapore Sky Garden House. Viewed from above, the house is truly stunning. More than a rooftop garden, it covered its entire roof with grass. The maintenance may be costly but if you have the money, it sure feels like it’s worth every penny.

Rooftop Gardens

Speaking of going green, if you cannot afford to turn your roof into an actual lawn, you can go for rooftop gardens. It works well enough for properties that lack space for an actual garden. You can do a vertical garden on your rooftop or balcony. You need to squeeze in some greenery in your home because it is good for your mental health and overall well-being.

Small House Design

Not everyone wants to live in a mansion. For regular people, smaller houses with a minimalist design are the easiest to maintain. It’s the most practical. Clean lines and white or gray paintwork best for small homes. Small homes don’t always need to look cluttered with stuff on top of each other. With the use of creativity in building storage spaces, any home can be the version of a minimalist space that homeowners crave.

Movable Walls

The pandemic left a lot to be desired but if there’s one thing that homeowners can draw from the past year, it’s that you can turn your home into a workspace and an entertainment hub with movable walls. Instead of an open-floor layout or a fixed-wall layout, you can install movable walls that will create rooms when you need them. If you want to work in peace, you can slide the walls to create a corner office space. That will give you enough room to work on your projects. But if you have to entertain guests, you simply have to remove the walls and make the space wider (that’s great for social distancing, too).

There are a lot more modern home designs and approaches that you can apply to your home. Now that people are more inclined to stay at home than go out, it’s time to reinvent your home design. Who knows what you will come up with? Draw inspiration from these and many more designs that will wow your guests and casual passersby.

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