Taking Care of Your Elderly Love One at Home — Why and How You Should Do It

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Millions of senior citizens in the U.S. prefer staying at home for a simple reason: Nursing home facilities are costly and come with a risk of elderly abuse. Staying at home as an elderly has some notable advantages compared with nursing homes.

The perils of staying at nursing home facilities

It’s possible that the number of abused elderly adults every year is more than five million because there are elderly who choose not to report abuses. Cases of nursing home abuse, neglect, and exploitation have been previously reported, but until now, there’s not much data on how frequently such incidents happen.

The U.S. General Accountability Office in 2008 found there are states that do not fully disclose all nursing home problems. These are the states where surveys have been inaccurate in determining the number of possibly abused nursing home residents. Elderly adults inside nursing homes are at risk of suffering physical, psychological, and financial abuses in the hands of nursing staff or fellow residents.

The situation is extra difficult if the elderly adult has a serious health condition. Family members may not easily detect cases of abuse as there are nursing home facility owners that cover up such violations in order to avoid hefty fines. Such abuses could translate into costly medications.

If you consider taking care of your elderly loved one at home instead, you and other family members need to understand the importance of in-home care, especially if your loved one has a serious illness.

Important in-home care considerations

woman assisting an elderly to get upPreparing for in-home care has some considerations depending on the health condition of the elderly. Your family may need a walk-in bathtub for your Utah home if your loved one experiences locomotor problems. While 90% of senior citizens prefer to stay at the comforts of their home, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found out that an older adult sustains fall injuries every second. You may even need to do some home renovations to reduce or eliminate fall risks.

Home improvements like installing a grab bar in the bathroom and making floors slip-resistant may help reduce fall injuries. Some homeowners consider widening their doorways or putting a wheelchair ramp for elderly adults to conveniently and safely move around at home.

Apart from great comfort, most elderly adults choose to stay at home because they’re already familiar with their environment and it gives them the freedom to do small activities on their own. Staying at a nursing home facility or assisted home living is not only costly, but it’s also inconvenient as senior residents and their family members may need to follow stringent facility policies. Despite those strict guidelines, however, violations and abuses still happen, unfortunately.

Make your home safe and convenient for your elderly loved one, so they can still have a sense of independence as they age. You may need to renovate your home to ensure their comfort and safety. But such efforts are worthwhile because in-home care reduces the risk of elderly abuse that your loved one may experience in a nursing home facility.

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