Housing Options Available for the Elderly

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As our loved ones grow old, it is time to think about where they are going to stay. While many of the elderly still manage to live independently, a few of them need help to make things easier. This is where new housing options for them come in. Giving them a newer, more accessible place to stay can help relieve the financial and physical pressures on them.

Here are some of the options available today.

Build a New Home

Granny flats around the Melbourne area and other cities in Australia are a popular sight. These small new homes built on the same property as your own gives seniors the chance to live their own lives. Seniors who can still take care of themselves will appreciate this option as a way to preserve their independence.

Getting Roommates

This is ideal for seniors who still want to live in their old homes. However, this can be difficult. Loneliness preys on them and being alone can put them in danger. If they are renting, then they will have to pay the rent on their own. Getting a roommate or multiple roommates is a good idea. This solves the problem of loneliness and allows many seniors to get assistance when they need it.

Assisted Living

It is also possible for seniors to keep living on their own and have nurses and caregivers checking up on them throughout the day. They can help with daily tasks and ensure that medication is taken on time every day. This also helps reduce loneliness since many caregivers are often very friendly.

Staying with the Family


If you’re really worried, you can just have them move in with you. Living with seniors can be a big strain on a relationship given their changing moods, tantrums, and episodes of self-pity. If you have a not-so-good relationship, this could result in many problems. However, if you have a solid relationship, this could be a great solution. Living with family can be a big help in improving their mood and keeping them happy and active.

Community Living

There is also the choice of having your loved ones live in a retirement community. These communities are specifically designed to mix several previous concepts. People live in their own houses but they also have healthcare experts continuously monitoring them. Meals and medications are also provided. It helps with socialising and allows for better care for the seniors.

Care Homes

Today’s nursing homes are a lot better than before. If your loved one requires constant medical care and regular monitoring, taking them to a care home would be a good choice.

Seniors need to be given the chance to live the rest of their lives peacefully and in the way they want. Knowing the housing options that are available to you and your loved one will allow you to make the smart choice. Ensure that you are doing the right thing by reviewing the options and discussing it with your family. Always talk to your elderly loved one about your plans before doing anything related to their welfare to avoid conflicts.

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