Things You Need to Keep an Eye on During Winter at Home

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As winter takes over, the land is coated with a layer of snow, people start stringing up their Christmas lights, and typical holiday tunes fill commercial spaces and can even be heard from carolers in the neighborhood. To fully enjoy the merriment that comes with welcoming this season, though, it’s essential to take care of practical concerns throughout the ‘ber months. Make sure you’ve got these covered from preparation to the end of the season.

Entry points

Windows and doorways should be checked for any gaps that could make it harder to maintain heat inside the home and increase the risk of having snow push through and leak in. Seal any cracks you may find and apply some insulation on your windows. It’s also a sure form to secure these points in preparation for any intense snowfall or harsh winds.

That is the best time to think about installing a storm-grade window replacement to last you for a long time. For areas that are already up to par, you can reinforce the sides with some caulk. As for your doors, you can also apply weather stripping.


On top of the other problems that could hit your plumbing throughout the year that are still relevant during the season, one of the biggest concerns is freezing pipes and water lines. It would be wise to get your plumbing in order before the winter is in full swing to ensure there are no underlying problems that could worsen when the cold hits. If any of these issues crop up during the season, this could lead to bursting pipes and blockages that prevent you from being able to use your plumbing. The repairs that this entails can be a hassle, so it would be best to consistently check on your pipes, especially in colder areas of the home. It’s also important to keep your heating well-balanced and maintain good insulation and circulation to prevent pipes from freezing over.


Pest control

The last thing you want during your snow days in or your family holiday dinner is an unwanted surprise guest (aside from your cousin’s loud boyfriend or your nosy aunt). A lot of pests love the comfort of a human home during the winter. It’s perfect for seeking shelter from the wild and cold outdoors or starting their hibernation period. The most common contenders are spiders, rodents, and cockroaches. Each can be a danger to the home, so it’s best to make sure that you aren’t leaving any space for them to enter your home. Be wary of spaces they find attractive like basements, sinks, and other dark areas in the house that don’t see a lot of movement. To further prevent a pest problem, you simply have to make sure that trash doesn’t pile up in the home and that any trees and plants outside are well-maintained and trimmed.

Winter is already enough to face on its own without these added problems, so make sure you’ve got everything in order so you can focus on other responsibilities and activities during this time of the year.

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