Affordable Luxury: 4 Essentials for a Room Upgrade

cozy bedroom with grey undertone

A majority of people consider their bedroom to be the most important space in their home. It is a cosy haven that provides comfort, a work area that boosts creativity, and a delightful retreat that inspires the mind. However, if you find that your bedroom does not exude any of these characteristics, or is lacking in some ways you deem essential, then maybe it can use certain upgrades.

Many people dream of having a lovely, picture-perfect bedroom similar to the luxurious designs seen on magazines and Pinterest. However, what usually stops them from creating their aspirational bedroom is the time and expenses that a room improvement project will entail. If you share this mindset, fret no more! There are simple and cost-effective ways to transform your bedroom into a well-curated space.

Follow a colour scheme

Enveloping your room in one main colour gives it an inviting vibe. To choose the perfect hue, consider what theme you will be opting for. If you want a more classic take, try some neutral colours like ivory, beige, or taupe as they can make a room look timeless and neat.

If you want a glamorous look, consider mixing rich deep hues like navy blue, ruby, emerald green, or magenta. Soften the bright colours by incorporating more muted tones like pale grey or cream. Use a variety of texture to add more excitement to the design of your room. Play with gloss, sheen, and patterns. Add some trimmings and use different tones of the main colour you selected.

Upgrade your bed

Granted, the most integral part of a bedroom is the bed. Opt for fabric beds with an upholstered headboard and frame as it adds extravagance without compromising comfort. Fabric headboards bring a lot to your bedroom in terms of functionality, appearance, and feel. Compared to other materials like wood, fabric beds are available in a wider variety of colours.

Joe Human, an interior designer asserts, the one item that makes the most difference is the bedding. Invest in soft, high-quality sheets to make your bed appear more lavish. Choose velvet and silk textures and add multiple pillows to balance the luxury with comfort.

Invest in antiques

Decorate your room with lovely antique pieces. These do not have to be expensive, though. In fact, they do not even have to be real as long as they look the part. Visit your local thrift store and try to find items that resonate with the vibe you are going for. For instance, it can be a piece of furniture, a rustic wall clock, an intricate mirror, or a wooden music box — whatever you fancy.

Add lovely details

bedroom in white and pink colors with bookcase and desk

Freshen up your desk with a bunch of blooms. Arrange classy artwork and add a few books with pretty, catchy covers. Attach some tasteful frames and wall decorations. However, do not overcrowd, as having too many items can make your bedroom look disorganised.

Removing clutter and adding space is the most important step in beautifying a room. That is why all the decorating boils down to the most important tip of all: Keep your bedroom clean.


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