Outdoor Fixtures: Ways You Can Waterproof Them

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There is a certain expectation when it comes to outdoor decor. It should be durable enough to withstand the impact of outside weather conditions or other external factors. While the vast majority of the fixtures that you can find out there can fulfill this requirement, some can use a little bit of help along the way. Whether it is due to age or design, there are several ways you can extend the lifespan of your beloved outdoor furniture:

Waterproofing Membranes

There are some options, such as water-resistant membranes or coatings, that have proven to be immensely popular with outdoor fixtures. If you are lucky, some of them are even easy enough to apply on your own. Still, it is best to have professional help if you are not sure or confident. Those things are costly after all. Waterproofing fountains and other outdoor water fixtures have also become easier. These are one of the areas that can fall into quite a bit of disrepair when exposed to water damage. Otherwise, trampolines, outhouses, alfresco dining sets, and the like are excellent candidates for waterproofing membranes.

Tidying Up

A relatively low-cost solution would be to simply move in the outdoor fixtures in question when you are done using them. This is more economical for pieces of furniture, such as Monobloc chairs and tables, since they are easily transported. However, it can be more difficult when moving permanent or bigger pieces of furniture. Ideally, the kind of fixture that you have has already accounted for waterproofing in their design, like outdoor jacuzzis having a retractable cover that you can deploy when not in use. If you are a little clever with your hands, some DIY sheeting or covers will not exactly go amiss, either.

High angle view of a stylish outdoor kitchen, gas barbecue and dining table set for entertaining guests with formal place settings and flowers on a paved patio

Build, Build, Build

However, if you feel like splurging or going big, you can build a pavilion or tent and waterproof it. Admittedly quite costly in terms of setup, it is relatively easy to maintain with regard to upkeep. This can be more useful than simple waterproofing. If you have the room, the funds, and the design in mind, this is definitely an option that you can consider. Not only does it provide a classy space for you to entertain your guests in, but it also does a good job at keeping out the elements—rain or otherwise—from damaging your furniture. It is also a great investment if you are looking to increase the value of your property. The addition of a pavilion or gazebo can bump up your real estate price by quite a bit.

Waterproofing your outdoor fixtures is not as hard as you may think. In fact, it is highly possible that if you buy the right pieces of furniture and maintain them properly, there is no particular reason to worry about damaging them due to the elements or water damage. Have them regularly inspected and maintained. Make sure that they are properly waterproofed if you do not want to move them inside your house when they are not in use.

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