An Overview of the Best Door Locks

locked door with keys

Locks have been around since the earliest chronicles of history. The door still serves the same purpose of keeping residents secure and leaving unwanted visitors out.

While locks continue to be timeless necessities, technology has brought about innovations in the industry of keeping our families and property secure. These innovations can be incorporated into the design through architectural ironmongery; we have a variety of options to install in our homes. The latest locks with integrated technology are as follows:

Touchscreen Deadbolt Locks

Smartphone technology has indeed taken over our lives. We are now accustomed to having a touchscreen even for our TV and computer displays.

Imagine this technology for your doors, so you no longer need a physical key to bring. This has already been achieved, and some models have the same sleek and slim design as your smartphone.  They come with a touchscreen keypad and a deadbolt lock cylinder. Some of the better models can let you store up to 30 user codes. This will enable you to customize the user codes for members of the house, and in turn, you will know when they come in and out of the house.

Touchscreen deadbolt locks have built-in alarms with up to three unique settings to alert you of possible intruders or even just a late-night arrival. These are excellent locks for your family.

Bluetooth-enabled Smart Locks

For those who always misplace their keys, technology has many different solutions. This lock uses Bluetooth technology to unlock your door with just one touch. It can even be coordinated with Alexa, so everyone in the family has access.

There is also a handy key fob for the one touch open option in cases where you cannot use your phone, like when it runs out of battery.  They also provide a handy mobile app that sends out notifications for any activity with your lock.

Some models provide “E-keys” that can be shared with other members of the family or friends during emergencies like when you need them to check on your pets.  If all else fails, they will provide a traditional key as a backup.

Biomatic Fingerprint Locks

Businessman pressing modern technology panel with fingerprint print

What would be more convenient than remembering a code or using your smartphone? Opening the locks by simply pressing your finger. These locks are expensive, but they use top-of-the-line fingerprint technology, which gives you the freedom of not having to bring any keys.

You can leave the house and enter as much as you need. There will be no hassle even if you leave your keys or smartphone inside. These locks are the most convenient and probably the most secure since you do not have to worry about other people cracking the code.

They are not difficult to install, and they also come with low-battery warning signals to ensure that the live optical sensors are correctly functioning. The best models can store up to 150 fingerprints, and you can also erase the fingerprints remotely if you do not want to grant access to someone. They usually come with two backup keys.

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