Creating a Positive Environment for Your Family

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Children learn how to be individuals and act in society through the help of their families in their homes as they grow up. For them to succeed, they need to have a positive environment, particularly at home.

Is it possible to have a positive environment in these modern days? Some parents do not have time with their children because they focus on their careers. Children have school activities, and the technology that we use in our daily lives continues to change quickly.

The environment of your family does not change in just one day. Parents should apply positive reinforcements over time.


Your children should know that they can talk to you about anything. They shouldn’t be afraid or hesitant. They should think of you as a safe place if they want information, advice, or have someone to talk to about some issues.

Don’t just talk. You should also listen. Your children should also feel secure and comfortable. As much as possible, give your full attention to them, so they will feel valued and heard. If you can, do not interrupt as they speak. It is better if you can listen to your kids first and then give your thoughts later.

Do not just say “No”. Your children should know why you are saying no. Give them a reason why you oppose and discuss it with them. It does not create a positive environment when you contradict them without explaining.

Hiding your emotions from your children will only confuse them. You don’t need to explain the details of your problems as an adult. But it would help if you would tell them why you are sad, angry, or overwhelmed in a manner that they will understand in their age. Letting your children know what you are feeling helps them realize that everybody has feelings and ways to cope with them.

It is also a good way not to tell them what they feel like “You’re not hurt” or “You’re fine” because it teaches them how to suppress their feelings.

Show your Love and Appreciation

Everyone needs to love and feel loved. Even just in small ways, you should show your love for everybody in your family. Say, “I love you more often”.

Show your affection to your children and partner with simple touches like hugs and kisses. Praise your children for their success and motivate them in their downfall. Always give your children positive feedback when they are doing well. Congratulate them for their achievements, whether it is big or small. Teach them how to receive compliments by receiving them yourself.

Show your family that you appreciate them and their company. Appreciation is vital to boost your family’s self-esteem and motivate positive behavior. Do not forget to celebrate your family member’s birthdays and special occasions. Always have time to have fun together.

Work Together and Cooperate

happy family

It is essential to encourage your family to work together and cooperate. It makes your family function smoothly. You children can play and enjoy being kids, but teach them their obligations. Their school, household chores are a good start. And help them with their new responsibilities as they grow older.

For instance, ask for their help with garden chores or when you clean the family car. These chores are usually fun activities for kids. Also, allow them to watch professionals when they provide services such as exhaust duct cleaning in the kitchen or minor construction at home.

Be a model on how to work hard and play hard. It is easier to motivate them to try harder if they can see you as a model. Tell your children that you believe in them and their skills. If they are too young, you can show them that you believe in their abilities by playing with them.

Respect each other

Everyone deserves respect. Show your children how to treat them and other people with respect and teach it to them.

Showing respect will make it easier to teach your children how to speak and behave towards other people with respect: no insulting, no violence, no shouting. Remember, respect should go both ways.

Even though you are the adult who knows better, it doesn’t mean you can insult your children and yell at them. Do your best to stay calm in challenging situations. Respecting your family member, especially your children, will boost their self-confidence.

Spend Time with Each Other

There will be times when you will be busy at work and your children busy because of school. But it would help if you didn’t forget to spend time together. Dinner is one of the best times to share and catch up with each other’s activities and experiences for the day. Studies have shown that kids behave and do better at school when they have dinner with their families.

A weekend is also a good day to hang out with your family. Have a picnic in the park, or watch a movie at your house. These simple activities help build unity in your family and strengthen your bond. It also helps eliminate loneliness. Be sure to follow these five tips and be consistent with creating a positive environment for your family.

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