Dog-friendly Home Improvement Projects to Try Out This Spring

Are you planning to adopt a pet this year? Or maybe you already have a couple of dogs living with your right now? Then it is only a must that you have a pet-friendly home. This is not only to ensure that they can settle in comfortably in your home. It is also to increase their safety and security in case you are too busy or not around to keep an eye on your them.

If you are renting, you may find it hard to do some home upgrades, as you’ll need to seek permission first from your landlord. On the other hand, homeowners have more freedom to make home improvements. But what projects can you tackle to make your home more accommodating for your dogs?

Put up a beautiful fence

Fencing your yard is a good way to add security to your home. It helps ward off trespassers and keeps your dogs from running off. You can choose to put up a fence by yourself or hire a fencing company in Bromley to do it for you. Hiring pros will give you peace of mind, knowing that you’ll have a quality fence to keep your dogs safe even if they are out of the house. This project can even help increase the value of your home, making it an attractive investment with a good ROI.

Opt for a window makeover

Whether you’re housing cats, dogs, or other pets, they will surely love you more if you opt for bigger and lower windows. This allows your pets to get a great view of the outdoors without having to step out. Besides, if your windows are already old, then replacement windows would be an excellent investment. You can lower energy bills with a more energy-efficient home.

Rethink your flooring choices

In areas where your pets are allowed to roam, you will have to consider changing your flooring. If you have a carpeted floor, it can easily get damaged due to your pets’ spills and scratches. Tiles are easy to clean and won’t scratch, but you may need rugs as they can be too cold for your pets. You can also consider vinyl tiles for flooring; they are durable, low-maintenance, and resistant to scratches, moisture, and sound. Consider the pros and cons of your flooring options before deciding which one to choose.

Add a smart pet door


Gone are the days when you could only install a manual flap door for your pets. These days, you can get a smart flap door so that only your pets can get in and out of your home. This eradicates the likelihood of other animals making your home their living space. You can even program the door so that your pets can stay in or out of the house at certain periods. Just make sure that your pets’ microchips work well with your smart pet door of choice.

Being a pet owner gives you more responsibilities than feeding, bathing, and taking your dog out for a daily walk. It is also your job to ensure that they are kept happy, healthy, comfortable, and safe.

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